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Matt Reeves unveils first look at new Batmobile

But does it go vroom-vroom?


Matt Reeves, direct of the upcoming The Batman, has released a first look at the Batmobile that is to be featured in the latest live-action depiction of the Caped Crusader.


The design of the car reflects the more gritty tone that Reeves has purportedly been wanting to inject into his version of the character, and it looks fantastic. It’s a far cry from the more tank-based looks we’ve gotten in recent films.

As for the inspiration of the design of this particular incarnation of the most famous car in comic book history, a few sources spring to mind. My colleague Cori McCreery pointed out a similarity to the Batmobile that Jason Todd stole the tires off of before he became Robin.

Something tells me Pattinson won’t be belting out laughter like this in the film.

The Batmobile as it appeared in Batman #1 by Tom KingDavid Finch, Matt Banning, and Jordie Bellaire also shares a lot of the sharp design with protruding back features as Reeves’ take.

I myself saw a little bit of the original Adam West design, purely because the new one looks more like an actual car than some of the more pulpy designs. It also bears a striking resemblance to Max’s car from the Mad Max films, the V8 Interceptor.

This news follows a string of teases that Reeves has made in recent months, such as the surprise reveal of Robert Pattinson‘s Batsuit in the film. With that in mind, I’m super pumped to see more of the film in the coming months.

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