Marvel’s been rolling out teasers for yet another eventish kind of thing due in 2017 and this time it’s the merry mutants who are coming back. The X-Men have widely been considered as being under a ban of some kind (along with the Fantastic Four) since Fox has the movie rights, but…well who knows what’s happening. So far we’re seeing new versions of Weapon X and Generation X and solo books for Iceman, who will, it is hoped, still be gay, and some version of Jean Grey….who has never had her own solo book before! Can you believe that? It’s time!

No creative teams announced. We’ll let you know about book five whenever it rolls out. And, it must be said, this is a handsome campaign, with the greatest moment from each hero’s history rolling out in the background.



  1. Presumably the Iceman and Jean greay titles aren’t called XIceman and XJean Grey, or the other two aren’t called Weapon and Generation, but that’s what it looks like from these covers.

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