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Marvel’s Maisel to step down


Marvel Studios Chairman David Maisel plans to step down after the Disney deal goes through, the trades report. President Kevin Feige will remain and report directly to Disney Studios boss Rich Ross.

Maisel will retain an exec producer credit on movies developed while he was on board — IRON MAN 2, THOR, and THE FIRST AVENGER: CAPTAIN AMERICA.

According to Variety, Maisel , who once worked for Disney in Business Development, was instrumental in getting Marvel their $525 million revolving credit line which enabled them to start their own studio, and supposedly it was he who initiated the entire Disney-Marvel deal.

Although it may look like Maisel is getting the short end of the stick, don’t shed a tear — he’s walking away with $20.4 million after the Disney acquisition.

  1. he’s definitely getting the short end of the stick, large payment notwithstanding.

    I’m surprised he’s out so quickly, I mean, he was only there a couple of years anyways! O.o

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