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Marvel teased a new character with this image a few days back, which even a dummy like me could see was something Nova/Quasar-esque. Well it turns out it’s a NEW QUASAR, namely S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Avril Kinkaid, a new character created by Nick Spencer and artist Angel Unzueta. Kinkaid is introduced in the Avengers: Standoff event that’s currently running, and gets her Quasar powers from Wendell Vaughn, the original Quasar and immediately becomes a force in the battle for Pleasant Hill. Spencer told Marvel.com that Kinkaid has quite an interesting back story (don’t they all) that he’s looking to explore, and she’ll have a big part in some upcoming Marvel stories.


The original Quasar was created back in the 70s, when there were still plenty of good words to use to name superheroes. Vaughan and Kinkaid get their powers from the Quantum Bands that are permanently fused to the Quasar’s wrists. While the bands’ origin isn’t known, it’s all tied up in Kree/cosmic Marvel stuff, so maybe the new Quasar can be a friend for Captain Marvel when they get around to making that movie?

I’m happy to see Marvel introduce another major female character, but what is UP with that costume? Those “crossed loincloths” look very precarious and poorly designed. Not sure those will fly! 


  1. And what happened to the young woman with silve rhair who took over the Quasar mantle during Annhilation, and who was in love with Moondragon?

  2. Agree about the costume. Like what a trainwreck contestant would come up with on Project Runway.

    Those loin pieces would have to be made of cardboard to hang like that. Perhaps some research into how fabrics fall on the body should be in order for the designer. Or take a page from Gil Kane in constructing superhero attire and create shapes that compliment and accentuate the human form.

  3. Quasar in the 80s/90s was so great. He was one of the last truly noble superheroes left. I’ve been wrong before, but this doesn’t sound like a good development.

  4. I for one am not feeling the new quasar she’s the second female to don the mantle of quasar I think the mutant dazzler should don the mantle of quasar and become wendell vaughns new love Iinterest and plus they’ve met before in issue #10 11 or 12of the monthly dazzler series where it was originally planned for alison blaire and wendell vaughn to become each others love interest plus they have similar light based powers and similar backgrounds.

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