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Marvel to publish Langridge's Muppet comics


With Marvel picking up most of the licensed Disney material that BOOM! Studios had published, it’s no surprise that they’ll be publishing the much-loved Muppets comics by Roger Langridge in a 96-page collection called “MUPPETS PRESENTS: MEET THE MUPPETS” — previously collected by BOOM! in 2009. Bringing back Langridge’s great comics is a no-brainer, but there is still the question of the Langridge comics that were left in publishing limbo. On his blog, Langridge suggested that the material in question was in a contractual limbo, with Disney unable to publish it until it had been published by BOOM!

Asked whether the lost material would be showing up at Marvel, a spokesman had only a “No comment.”

Marvel and Disney Publishing will debut DISNEY•MUPPETS PRESENTS: MEET THE MUPPETS, an giant-sized comic featuring Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzy, Gonzo and the Muppet gang.  Hitting stores in July 2011, this 96 page comic features stories from acclaimed writer/artist Roger Langridge (Thor: The Mighty Avenger).  (All ages, $5.99)
In DISNEY•MUPPETS PRESENTS: MEET THE MUPPETS, the gang plans to revive their variety show and bring back favorite sketches like “Pigs in Space” and “Veterinarian’s Hospital.” Meanwhile, Kermit misses the swamp, and the gang tries to cheer him up. Fozzy revamps his standup act, but everything he tries gets the same boos as his original routine. Scooter attempts to figure out once and for all what species Gonzo belongs to. And a psychic tells Miss Piggy she’s going to lose something green.
“Together with Disney Publishing, we’re extremely excited to bring the Muppets to the comics world and continue to grow their audience” said Axel Alonso, Marvel Entertainment Editor-in-Chief. “Marvel will ensure that DISNEY•MUPPETS PRESENTS will be available at all retail segments for its cross-generational fan base. The Muppets are some of the most beloved pop culture icons ever, so we can’t wait for fans to experience these great stories from Roger Langridge”
Written and Penciled by ROGER LANGRIDGE
All Ages … Giant-Size Comic Dimensions: 8” x 10 ¾”…$5.99


  1. I wonder if this will also result in Marvel reprinting Muppet Babies, which included very charming art by Marie Severin.

  2. After Tom Brevoort’s complaint regarding DC’s reprinting of 70’s Marvel Doc Savage stories without reimbursing the original creators in anyway, I can only hope that Marvel will making sure that Roger Langridge makes some money from these reprints.

  3. Well, Disney comics (small “c”) are a strange beast. They tend not to pay reprint royalties, which is why Don Rosa’s stories appeared first in Denmark (with a staggering circulation), and years later in the U. S.(with a circulation of less than 10K). So Marvel paying Mr. Langridge for a reprint? Would be nice, but they probably are not required to do so.

    Theoretically, Marvel could become another licensee of Disney comics, just like SLG and Boom! and Tokyopop and Dark Horse. They could print new Muppet stories, possibly even the unpublished stories from Boom, since Disney owns the actual stories. Some money might need to be paid, but given how … exact Disney contracts can be, I’m sure it is spelled out quite succinctly (if not clearly).

    This will be a comic magazine, so it doesn’t violate Boom’s book agreement. That 112-page graphic novel, priced at $9.99, remains in print.

  4. Hoping they stick to the larger format unlike the Boom! stuff which I never bought. Too small to really enjoy Langridge’s stunning work. Should be Magazine Size imho.

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