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Marvel teases “Event event” in summer with Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies


Okay, Now Marvel is just F*ckin’ with us.

This teaser suggest that Summer 2015 will see some kind of “Battle of the Bands” with Marvel Events. Age of Ultron waslast year’s Bendis-written event. Marvel Zombies was a mid-to-late Aughts success story for its scripts by Robert Kirkman and cover art by Art Suydam. The current cover is by Carlos Pacheco.

What do you think is going on?


  1. What I think is going on is that Marvel is pulling out all of their successful events form the past 10 years and using them one last time before a reboot.

    Or perhaps they’re just out of ideas, and we can look forward to a Contest of Annihilating Secret Champions mini next fall.

    Atlantis Attacks the Evolutionary War!
    Fall of the Mutant Massacre!
    Onslaught of Apocalypse!

  2. What this is is this:
    Guys my age grew up with these mega-events.
    (No, they weren’t that great.)
    Guys my age are now writing stories for Marvel.

    So they’re taking inspiration from nostalgia, and rewriting old plots.
    Reboot? This is what it is. Retcon/Reboot. All this stuff about New Thor/Captain America/Iron Man? Marvel did it in 1984/85. Frog Thor/U.S. Agent/Iron Man armor. Same as it ever was…

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