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Marvel Releases New Digital-First JESSICA JONES Series by Kelly Thompson and Mattia De Ilius


When Brian Bendis made his exit from Marvel, the question of who would take up the reins writing Jessica Jones, a character Bendis co-created with artist Michael Gaydos, was one of the first to come up, and today we got our answer. Kelly Thompson has revealed on Twitter that she will be writing a new ongoing series for Jones, with art by Mattia De Iulis, covers by Martin Simmonds (Punks Not Dead), and letters by Cory Petit.


Thompson is a natural to take over the character, having written her previously in the pages of Thompson’s previous private eye series, Hawkeye. Mattia De Iulis is an Italian artist who, as far as I can tell, hasn’t had any previously published work in the United States prior to this series.

Per Thompson, the series will be digital-first and released in double-sized, 40-page chunks before being printed in trade paperbacks. The first issue is available on Comixology right now for $5. Considering most new digital Marvel issues are only 20 pages and cost $4, that’s a great bargain, and hopefully a model that is successful for Marvel and the series.

Thompson’s tweet thread clarifying the details on the new series, as well as the full cover and preview pages for the first issue, are below.






  1. Very cool, love Jessica Jones. Like that they are trying out new things. I will definitely get this but still have to catch up on Bendis last JJ run.

  2. I read it the story is well written she does a good job of capturing the tone of Bendis Kelly is quickly becoming a favorite writer with the exception of West Coast Avengers I refused to touch that one but her work on Gambit Rogue show she has talent. Nancy Drew is not bad if she did not have Nancy cussing and making George a Lesbian she would have nailed it.

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