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Marvel releases first look at remastered Miracleman #1


Marvel releases first look at remastered Miracleman #1http://ift.tt/1czbMb7

Finally, a look at the new “remastered” MIRACLEMAN #1 by Alan Moore (name removed at his own request so credited as THE ORIGINAL WRITER) and Garry LEach with Mick Anglo along for the ride.

The new MArvel edition has modern computer coloring on some pages which leaves the art, if anything, flatter than the original, IN OUR OPINION. Retro moire patterns and all. But tastes change and all that.

“When these stories were originally colored, the artists were never consulted – and it shows” said Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. “The coloring methods used at the time really hurt the finished product. But through close collaboration with all the artists, we’re proud to now present these stories in a manner that matches their creative vision.”

Working in closely with the original series artists, MIRACLEMAN has been remastered using the original artwork in every instance possible – and the most advanced restoration methods available applied to ensure the most authentic reading experience based on the artists’ original visions for the series.

“You’ve never really seen Miracleman, until you’ve seen this Miracleman,” said legendary Miracleman artist Garry Leach.“I’m positive this will rapidly be recognized as the all-time, definitive, Miracleman series. It’s simply looking that ridiculously sharp!”

In addition to material originally published in Warrior Magazine, MIRACLEMAN #1 also includes character designs, pencil sketches, original art, an article chronicling the history of Marvelman/Miracleman, an interview with Miracleman creator Mick Anglo, as well as a Mick Anglo’s first Marvelman stories. Don’t miss your opportunity to experience the most popular comic few have ever read when MIRACLEMAN #1 makes it’s long overdue return to comic shops this January!

The first issue goes on sale Jnaury 15th with variant covers by Joe Quesada, Mark Buckingham, John Cassaday, Skottie Young, Garry Leach, Jerome Opena and Leinil Yu.

OH AND PS: Graeme McMillan has a side-by-side comparison of the old and new coloring here.

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