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35 Marvel comics are now available as audiobooks

More are slated for release throughout the year


Last year, Marvel announced a deal with Dreamscape Media to release several of its most iconic titles as read-to-me audiobooks. Now, 35 Marvel comics are available, with 10 more slated for release throughout 2020.

Titles that are currently available include X-Men: Days of Future Past, narrated by Richard Rohan; the first two volumes of Ms. Marvel, narrated by Shanta ParasuramanSpider-Man: The Darkest Hours, narrated by Jack MelocheDaredevil: Guardian Devil, narrated by Jonathan Feuer; and Captain America: Liberty’s Torch, narrated by George Newbern.

Upcoming titles include X-Men: Empire’s End, X-Men: Codename Wolverine, and more.

Comic fans with a valid library card can access the full collection via Hoopla Digital. The titles are also available for purchase wherever physical and digital audiobooks are sold, including Apple Books via a new Marvel Apple Store Front, Amazon, Audible, and Google.

Check out the full list of Marvel audiobooks below, including release dates for upcoming titles.

Titles Author Narrator Available
Spider-Man: The Darkest Hours Jim Butcher Jack Meloche Now
Iron Man: Steel Terror Dean Wesley Smith James Patrick Cronin Now
The Ultimate Spider-Man Stan Lee (editor) Thom Rivera Now
The Ultimate X-Men Stan Lee (editor) Thom Rivera Now
Civil War Stuart Moore Richard Rohan Now
Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt Neil Kleid Richard Rohan Now
X-Men: Days of Future Past Alexander Irvine Richard Rohan Now
Ms. Marvel Vol. 1: No Normal G. Willow Wilson Shanta Parasuraman Now
Spider-Man: The Gathering of the Sinister Six Adam-Troy Castro Tim Paige Now
New Avengers: Breakout Alisa Kwitney Richard Rohan Now
Spider-Man: Drowned in Thunder Christopher L. Bennett Richard Rohan Now
Daredevil: Guardian Devil Kevin Smith Jonathan Feuer Now
Generation X Scott Lobdell, Elliot S. Maggin Tara Sands Now
Spider-Man: Carnage in New York David Michelinie, Dean Wesley Smith Tim Paige Now
Spider-Man: The Octopus Agenda Diane Duane 1/28/2020
The Avengers: Everybody Wants to Rule the World Dan Abnett Richard Rohan Now
The Death of Captain America Larry Hama Richard Rohan Now
Ms. Marvel Vol. 2: Generation Why G. Willow Wilson Shanta Parasuraman Now
Captain America: Liberty’s Torch T. Isabella George Newbern Now
Iron Man: Operation A.I.M. Greg Cox James Patrick Cronin Now
Captain America: Dark Design Stefan Petrucha Richard Rohan Now
The Ultimates: Against All Enemies Alex Irvine Richard Rohan Now
The Ultimates: Tomorrow Men Michael Jan Friedman Richard Rohan Now
Iron Man: The Armor Trap Greg Cox James Patrick Cronin Now
The Incredible Hulk: Abominations Jason Henderson Jeffrey Kafer Now
Spider-Man: Valley of the Lizard John Vornholt 1/28/2020
The Amazing Spider-Man: Mayhem in Manhattan Len Wein, Marv Wolfman Tristan Wright Now
Untold Tales of Spider-Man Stan Lee, Kurt Busiek (editors) David DeSantos Now
X-Men: Empire’s End Diane Duane 2/18/2020
Spider-Man: Wanted Dead or Alive Craig Shaw Gardner 3/10/2020
The Incredible Hulk: What Savage Beast Peter David 3/31/2020
Ant Man: Natural Enemy Jason Starr Richard Rohan Now
Astonishing X-Men: Gifted Peter David Richard Rohan Now
Daredevil: The Man Without Fear Paul Crilley Richard Rohan Now
Deadpool: Paws Stefan Petrucha Michael John Casey Now
Doctor Strange: The Fate of Dreams Devin Grayson Richard Rohan Now
Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Raccoon and Groot Steal the Galaxy! Dan Abnett Richard Rohan Now
X-Men: Codename Wolverine Christopher Golden 3/17/2020
X-Men: Mutant Empire Book One: Siege Christopher Golden 4/7/2020
Daredevil: Predator’s Smile Christopher Golden Dion Graham Now
The Ultimate Super-Villains Stan Lee (editor) 3/24/2020
X-Men: Mutant Empire Book Three: Salvation Christopher Golden 4/21/2020
X-Men: Mutant Empire Book Two: Sanctuary Christopher Golden 4/14/2020
Iron Man: Extremis Marie Javins Richard Rohan Now
Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars Alex Irvine Richard Rohan Now




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