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Marvel announcing "Phoenix" event on Wednesday


Marvel has sent out an announcementfor some kind of event taking place on Wednesday at 3 pm EST. This is the event that has been coming for a while. Given the flame-like background with a bird-like figure in the middle, best guesses are that this is tied in to some kind of basilisk. Or possibly salamander. Or just possibly, maybe…a Phoenix!

  1. Desperate comic book company announces unoriginal non-event! Film at eleven.

    In fact, you can just copy and paste that comment into any thread where Marvel or DC announce anything, these days.

  2. Okay, here’s my prediction:
    The Phoenix Force runs on psionic energy from across the OMNIVERSE. It can suck the energy from future timelines.

    Now, Fantastic Four #1 was dated November 1961.
    November 2011 marks fifty years of the 616 universe.

    What did DC do during its fiftieth anniversary? Crisis on Infinite Earths.

    What did they do 25 years later? The New 52.

    So, here’s an opportunity for Marvel to clean up all of the alternative universes (large and small) and re-whatever their superhero line.

    I’d issue a big threat, like the Anti-Beyonder (with an Anti-Phoenix sidekick) and/or the M’Kraan Crystal (Marvel’s anti-matter galaxy). Everyone has to rally to beat the new threat, with the Phoenix Avatar grabbing power from future realities to fight the threat. Eventually, everything is sucked dry save for one universe (with a backdoor explaining that there might be other universes still in existence, but their harmonics make them harder to find and access). You can even erase futures which occurred at one point, but which now cease to exist because the Phoenix ate the timeline like Galactus eats planets.

    Write a prologue with the Exiles, the original Excalibur and Captain Britain, maybe even Man-Thing, about some mystery involving the Multiverse and how the Nexus of All Realities is not working the way it should. Then it slowly works its way into all Marvel titles, when it Hits the Fans. (Literally.)

    Then everything is restarted with Point One issues.

    Thus Marvel has a big event to wrap their 50th anniversary around, to counter whatever DC has planned starting March 2012, when the anniversary of Detective #1 is celebrated.

    So, anyone want to take odds this is Marvel doing a 52 on the 616?

  3. Torsten I would actually read that pitch assuming the publisher likely wasn’t going to make it $4.99 for the direct mini, make 20 different mini’s and one shots plus the $3.99 ongoing titles they would put the story in.

  4. So another Marvel Major event there is never a slow time at in the Marvel Universe maybe this one will join the Ultimate universe with the regular universe or have their own version of the DC 52.

  5. Wasn’t the Heroic Age supposed to be all unicorns, rainbows, and sunshine?

    I would love to see an Event where nothing happened. (At least deliberately, not in the usual sense where every character forgets that the World Almost Ended last Friday.)

    A series where the heroes get to relax, maybe have some not-too-serious adventures, perhaps some humor, and nothing bad happens.

    A bit like Assistant Editor’s Month, or Nuff Said, but for about three months. Longer if the sales warrant.

  6. “I would love to see an Event where nothing happened. (At least deliberately, not in the usual sense where every character forgets that the World Almost Ended last Friday.)”

    That event is when their corporate overlords finally lose interest, and outright cancel these flailing outside media pilots (otherwise known as their current mediocre comics output) entirely. At the present rate of increasing attrition for the line, it may not be long now.

  7. On Monday the 5th Marvel announces that they are having an event to announce their next comic book event on Wednesday the 7th. I log on to the internet on Tuesday the 6th, and the contents of the event is splashed everywhere. So what happened, couldn’t they wait one day to announce the event, when they originally announced that they would announce it? Why would they try to one up themselves?

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