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Marvel announces BIG SHOTS


Hm, top creators (we’re guessing) on new titles. Sounds like the way things used to be in the olden (Marvel Knights, MAX) days before events drove the horse. Will these be real re-imaginings for Daredevil, Punisher, and Moon Knight?

Wait and see.

One thing’s for sure — the promo art should go right up on Four Color Taint.

Marvel is proud to announce Big Shots! A brand new initiative, Big Shots spotlights three major launches of all-new ongoing series for the Marvel Universe’s hardest hitting heroes by the comic industry’s top creative talent! Kicking off with Moon Knight #1 in May, the Eisner Award-winning team of Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev as they delve deep into the psyche of the titular hero and embark on his greatest adventure yet. Then, the world’s most feared vigilante – Frank Castle – returns to clean up the streets of Marvel Universe this June in The Punisher #1, from a blockbuster creative team that will have everybody talking. Finally, Matt Murdock returns to New York this July in Daredevil #1 to reclaim his place in the Marvel Universe. But where does the man known as Daredevil belong?
“Fans are going to love what we have in store with Big Shots,” said Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. “We’re taking some of the best Marvel characters that we all know and love and sending them in a brand new direction with some Grade A talent. We want to reach a whole new set of readers while at the same time appeal to long time fans of these great heroes and Big Shots is how we’re doing it.”
This summer, prepare to be blown away by the Big Shots!

  1. They couldn’t give some different characters a try? I feel like Luke Cage is due a crack at a new solo book, and people have been asking for a Cloak and Dagger book since the days of Marvel Knights. Not to mention, there hasn’t been much follow up to last year’s Women of Marvel– many of those one-shots were quite good, surely one of those characters, with the right creative team, could support a book. Especially with all the Thor books, maybe a Sif or Valkyrie book would work.

  2. Marvel has excelled at the art of non- announcement accouncements, since the days of Stan Lee and his bullpen bulletins. However as sales of comicbooks continue to drop, I’m not sure how to believe that this is an effective way to sell your product?!

    I mean they re-launching 3 titles that have failed miserably in the recent past, this ad gives me no indication of why this time should be any different.

    If anything it makes me think that what have isn’t going to do any better, so they are using flash and no substance to try and gain afew quick numbers when the books are released.

  3. I have always liked the Moon Knight character, but the series was never the same after Moench and Sinkeiwicz (or however you spell it) left. I’ll pass this time around, until Bendis is writing something else.

  4. I like a promo that hypes top talent and then doesn’t actually tell you who they are. What’s the actual point of this promotion?

  5. Oh wait … maybe this is a three-part ad campaign. They’re going to reveal the daredevil team in the second add, perhaps, and the Punisher team in the third. I think this is the readers’ cue to become excited.

  6. i (like a lot of people) got swept up in the whole “Nu Marvel” thing ten years ago. i had completely given up on superhero comics, and mainstream format comics in general, in my mid teens and they actually managed to drag me back. i almost felt cheated when it died on the vine so quickly.

    this hack-eyed looking throw back to those days just kind of seems pathetic now.
    it simply reminds me how lame the comics have looked for the last 8 years.

  7. Wow, this is, like, the thirtieth Punisher #1 we’ve ever had. And the third in three years! And is Jason Aaron leaving? Because that’s a damn shame, I loved him carrying on Ennis’s defining style while finding new things to do with it.

  8. Puh-leeze. I’m amused to read of folks stating how it reminds them of the ‘old days’ of ten years ago when some hallmark change was introduced.

    Hey. Been reading these damn things since 1957 (consciously aware anyway as a fan) and it’s enough of a cycle that I can say categorically that the impact of the announcement means zip–to me. Killing characters…changing direction in storyline…it’s all a sweet illusion that’s been worked on each character a dozen dozen times before.

  9. Is it me or is the subtext of this thread that the readers who came on board in the last ten years are all getting ready to jump ship?

    Sounds like we should brace for another downward spiral in sales coming soon.

    Fear Itself better be good.

  10. “Sounds like we should brace for another downward spiral in sales coming soon.”

    Soon?!? Where have you been the last two years?

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