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Marvel Announce Rocket Raccoon Issue for Free Comic Book Day


Free Comic Book Day 14 will see two Marvel titles released, CBR have reported today. Alongside the previously announced Brian Michael Bendis/Nick Bradshaw story featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel and Venom will be ROCKET RACCOON, by Joe Caramagna and Adam Archer.

With the Skottie Young cover you see above, this will be an all-ages comic focusing on the character as he goes on the run. Somebody will be putting a bounty on his head, and he has to go clear his name before things get too out of hand.

Joe Caramagna is well-known now for his prolific work as writer for many of Marvel’s All-Ages titles – his adaptations of Ultimate Spider-Man and Hulk: Agents of SMASH being two recent examples. Archer is best known for his work at DC, including Batman Beyond and Ami-Comic: Girls.

Free Comic Book Day 2014 is scheduled for May 3rd, 2014.


  1. Hopefully Mr. Raccoon’s creators Bill Mantlo and Keith Giffen will see some acknowledgement and financial rewards for the increased prominence of their creation.

    Oh, right, sorry. Forget it, it’s Marveltown…

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