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Marvel and ESPN team for Tim Tebow cartoon


Even if you don’t follow the NFL with fervor, you have probably heard of Tim Tebow, this year’s quarterback media sensation. Home-schooled and extremely religious, the Broncos’ field marshal combines the basically hapless – he can barely throw a football — with the incredibly heroic — he once played half a high school game with a broken leg. He’s also given to giving credit for his late-in-the-game comebacks to play calling by the Big Guy upstairs. More controversially, he’s the originator of the act now known as “Tebowing” — genuflecting in prayer after a big play right then and there no matter what the situation.

While they don’t equate him with a miracle, Disney stablemates ESPN and Marvel have teamed up for a brief cartoon painting Tebow as a superhero. The segment is barely a minute long, and really only features some stills drawn in the mighty Marvel style, so “minimum comics content.” And no Tebowing.

  1. As an atheist I’m amused/can’t stand this Tebow nonsense, but can anyone tell me what the artist who drew the pic at 1:35 was thinking?

  2. Also, “humble” hero?! Quite the opposite, really. Lots of players pray, what makes this guy special? He throws his religion in your face (the opposite of what Jesus wanted).

  3. and why they’re not making sports comics is still beyond me. what could be a great genre for young cartoonists to hone their story-telling abilities and is a UNIVERSAL subject that people could relate to. a Marvel Sports continuity would be a smart and interesting endeavor to get new readers instead of illustrated movie scripts or reboots.

  4. It amazes me that in a league where there is a serial dog killer and a notorious rapist at the qb position, this is the guy people cluck their tongues at. Lighten up. The less we care about it the better off we’ll all be.

  5. Plus @ Brian, I think the humble part is in reference to how often he credits his team ahead of himself in post game comments. (which he should, cuz the defense and running game carry the team)

  6. At times, don’t we all need to root for a modern day, pure-hearted come-back kid? He stands up for what he believes in, in spite of all the criticism. He’s an underdog. The staff at ESPN are having fun and wanting some media attention. No harm done. At least Tebow is someone kids can truly look up to. Eventually the media will find someone else to hype.

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