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Marvel Advertising For Digital Edition of AVX


By Todd Allen

Marvel continues to pull out all the stops for promoting Avengers Vs. X-Men. If you’ve been on Facebook, particularly if you’ve been playing the Marvel: Avengers Alliance game, you may have noticed some comic book down the right hand side of the page.  Ads that look like these:

Marvel Super Hero War
Those links will take you to Marvel’s in-house digital comics site, not the Comixology or the Marvel app.  No comic shop locator, either.  Which makes sense.  The customer is on Facebook, so go ahead and grab the digital purchase.  The page does try to hit you with the cross-sell, though.  A box at the bottom of the page lists 4 comics as part of Avengers Vs. X-Men: AVX #0, AVX #1, AVX: Infinite (which a lot of people have just been referring to as the “Nova digital comic,” and AVX Program (free).
Oddly, AVX #0 is listed as 30 pages, while AVX #1 is listed at 99 pages and AVX Infinite / Nova is listed at 65 pages.  I’m guessing the pages are optimized for online viewing for the last two and that’s why the page count looks so high.  3-4 digital screens/page per print page would sound about right for guided view.

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