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Marie Severin update


Earlier today we posted that legendary EC and Marvel artist Marie Severin suffered a stroke last week and is in the hospital. Irene Vartanoff wrote to tell me that she spoke to Marie today, and she is in good spirits and making jokes. Marie has suffered some speech impairment and will be in the hospital for at least a few more days.

Irene will be printing out some of the blog postings and giving them to Marie, so please do send a card.

Marie was born in 1929, sister to another comics great, John Severin, and began her comics career as the colorist for the great EC comics of the 50s. She then became part of Marvel’s bullpen, coloring comics and drawing Dr. Strange, the Sub-Mariner and such humor titles as Not Brand Ecch. She stayed busy into the 90s, with such jobs as inking Evan Dorkin on his Bill and Ted comics for Marvel.

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that Marie was and is an inspiration to me. It was one of the greatest thrills of my fan girl life when I finally got to meet her at a New York con back in 94 or so. I continue to send all my best to her.

  1. Marie is one of my heroes. I remember an hour I spent with her at the Friends of Lulu booth during one of the Greenberg conventions, it was more inspirational than I can say. She drew me a Dr. Strange in late ’97 that is still the absolute highlight of my sketchbook.

  2. Marie Severin doesn’t know me. But if this message is getting passed along to her, I just want to say that she has been one of my favorite humor artists since I got a coverless copy of Not Brand Echh as a Halloween treat when I was 10. Her talent has been a joy to me since then and, while underappreciated by the masses, has been greatly appreciated by me. I am sorry that her health has turned bad and I hope for a full and speedy recovery. We all love you, Ms. Severin.

  3. I hope you get well Marie i have loved your art for years so many things i would love to say well i quess you know what i mean get well soon all the best from John P Britton.

  4. I first saw Marie Severin’s art when she began her tenure on the Hulk, in Tales to Astonish. Her covers and splash pages were a particular delight. Marie’s delightful drawings were the anchor for “Not Brand Echh,” of course.

    In 1978 I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mirthful Marie at the now-defunct cartoon museum in Port Chester, NY. Besides being a consummate comics professional, Marie is also one of the nicest people on the planet. Best wishes to Marie for a speedy and complete recovery!

  5. Get well soon, Marie.
    There’s a saying in Spanish: “Te los buenos, quedamos pocos.”
    Which means, more or less, “The Good are few and far in between.”


  6. Our thoughts are with you, Marie. You, more than anyone else, showed me how to appreciate the lighter side of superheroics.

    Be well. Be strong. Be.

  7. Marie, I hope you recover from your stroke very soon. I well remember the time you took to explain coloring to me up at Marvel, including the chart with the codes! I still have a complete set of DR. Martin’s, tho it sees little use since I don’t do a lot of color stuff.
    Recovery ain’t easy but I found just trying to do a little more each day is the way to get it done.

  8. Dear Marie,

    I met you as a young 16 year old when I made a brash first trip up to Marvel. You and Dave Cockrum (RIP, sadly) were very kind to a younf upstart, taking time to talk to me about drawing and comics in general. I never forgot that encounter, as it reinforced the kind of great people I always suspected drew comics for the House of Marvel. My own late father suffered a number of strokes with a stalwartness, an unwillingless to give in, and I hope you do so as well; your patience will guide you along, and given time you should recover as fully as possible. All our best, Sonja and Geof.

  9. Marie! Of course you’re already cracking wise about this stroke thing.
    I can hear it now, every pun and wordplay your sharp brain can bring to bear on the (scary) subject.
    And I’d really love to see the cartoon version that you are imagining, if not yet drawing.
    Thinking of you, kiddo.
    Will write a note this weekend.
    And I’m sending prayers and any stray angels I can summon out to Long Island.
    Love, LAF

  10. Marie,

    One of the great experiences of my professional life was working with your brother, who illustrated my Western miniseries Desperadoes: Quiet of the Grave. Many of the great experiences of my fan life involved enjoying the art of both Severins. Thanks for all the joy, and I hope you’re feeling better soon!


  11. Dear Marie,

    Thanks for being a coloring mentor when I was a young punk at Marvel. You’d better have a speedy recovery, or I’m gonna hafta come over there!

    All my best,
    Bob Sharen

  12. Dear Marie,

    Several years ago, I was a nervous-and-new assistant editor who called you out of the blue to commission a Wonder Woman pin-up. Do you remember that job? I’m pretty sure it was your only DC work, at least up to that time. Anyway, everything made me nervous back then, and you put me so at ease I never forgot it. Thank you for your kindness, for the amazing pin-up, and for all of your beautiful drawing and coloring.

    Get well soon,

    Tom Peyer

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