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MARCH MODOK MADNESS is on its way!


Pedro Delgado and Brendan Tobin are at it again, for the fifth year in a row. Can you afford not to partake in MARCH MODOK MADNESS? They are accepting submissions now!

If you wish to submit artwork, please email your work to MODOKMARCH at gmail dot com.  Please have your files in jpg, gif, or png format at 72 dpi.  Make sure you include how you would like to be credited, a title, any links to your work, and any descriptive prose you’d like posted.  Pedro and Brendan will post it up for you like little blog-elves.  Feel free to submit as much or little as you want, but be warned, we hit day 31 and we done!  Though we don’t like to censor, remember this is a public blog and an all-ages show and your grandma is a big fan.  You probably don’t want to make her cross!

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