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March Mayhem at Stately Beat Manor!


Once again, it’s that time of year again!  Sports geeks speculate who will make the Big Dance, who got snubbed, and who will be the Cinderella Team this year.  Billions of dollars are wagered on the outcomes, as casual fans contemplate the 68 teams and fill out numerous brackets.

It’s not uncommon among comics fans to wonder, “Who would win in a fight, Forbush Man or ‘Mazing Man?”  (Neither.  Ma Hunkel would break it up and have them both over to the JSA mansion of cookies and milk.)  So it’s not inconceivable that fans would take that simple idea, and turn it into a tournament.  Who do you seed in each bracket?  How do you arrange the divisions?  Do you mix and match franchises and tribes?

Well, we here at Stately Beat Manor offer the following brackets as a community service, especially to fans of Gonzaga, New Mexico, and Kentucky.  (Your lack of faith was disturbing.  >choke<)


Let’s start with the big comic bracket: Mix March Madness over at ComicMix.com!  Those crazy kids are at it again, this year adding a new wrinkle!  You can BUY votes!  All money goes to The Hero Initiative, so put your money where your mouth is! 300 webcomics have been reduced to eight, and it’s getting competitive!  (This is the perfect opportunity to check out some new webcomics!)

The latest bracket (as of March 24, when I started this article):

Ava’a Demon
Game 1 Details
Questionable Content
Winner of 1
Game 5 Details
Winner of 2
Winner of 5
Game 7 Details
Winner of 6
Game 2 Details
Sandra and Woo
Girls With Slingshots
Game 3 Details
Bittersweet Candy Bowl
Winner of 3
Game 6 Details
Winner of 4
A Redtail’s Dream
Game 4 Details
RomanticallY Apocalyptic

The final is open for voting!  Click to view, and to vote!

Comics Should Be Good, an awesome blog over at Comic Book Resources, has suspended their annual superhero tournament in favor of notable story runs by creators!  Is Simone’s Secret Six better than Claremon’ts New Mutants?   Byrne’s Fantastic Four or Gruenwald’s Squadron Supreme?  The Elite Eight (is that a superhero team?) can be voted on here!  (X-Men vs. X-Men!)

Cosmic Comix and Toys, a store in Cantonsville, Maryland, is hosting a female-centric tournament, and the final is a humdinger!  (One which I don’t think we’ve ever seen in comics, but which would be amazing if done right!)


The Victory Formation does a different tournament each year.  This year, the fourth, is based all on Cereal!  The Elite Eight are in competition!

The #1 seeds?
Honey Nut Cheerios, Frosted Flakes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cap’n Crunch!
My fave, Lucky Charms, is a number two seed.
In a related tournament, there’s one for discontinued foods.  Which would you like to see return to store shelves?  (Me, chocolate Jell-O.)


Princess Leia or Padme Amidala?  Tarkin or Count Dooku?  Boba Fett or Jango Fett?
Those are the match-ups over at the “This is madness” Star Wars character tournament over at Star Wars.com!  The first round so far has been marked by blow outs!
Ooh!  I like the triads!  Population Go matches Western characters on the left, Asian characters on the left!
Once again, TheOneRing.net presents their tournament, this year concentrating on geography.  Top seeds: Galadriel, Smaug, The One Ring, and Balin.  The Elite Eight are here!
Wow….  IO9’s March TV Madness brackets are crazy!  Some would make for interesting crossovers, like ALF meeting Kirk!  Top seeds: Star Trek (TOS), X-Files, Doctor Who, The Twilight Zone!  The final has been announced!  And decided!  Not as close as some might expect!
(And in the separate, Whedon Invitational Tournament…
Buffy beat Dollhouse 81-19, while Firefly beat Angel 86-14.  Buffy got smacked down 64-36 in the final.)
The Dallas Morning News continues their annual Tournament of Books.  No, I haven’t read any of them (and haven’t heard of most), but we welcome all geeks here, and they win the prize for best design!
 Movie franchises!  Toy Story!  Star Wars! (I suspect that the judges ignored the prequels…)
This could easily be expanded into four brackets, separating the franchises by number of films made.  Add in some art films, animation, pre-war films, and it could get interesting!
(There was also a Horror tournament last October.)

Awwww… TV couples!  Inside Pulse lets readers play match-maker with their massive tournament!  I’m hoping for Bobby and J.R. Ewing to win!  Third round voting can be done here.


Toys and Games

Tired of basketball?  BoardGameGeek has a tournament for games!  Top seed: Twilight Struggle.   The four finalists can be voted on here.  Lots of upsets!

From Bricks To Bothans members took minifig heroes and villains from LEGO, created mechas for each to use, then started a Battle Royale!  The winners have been announced, but I recommend you peruse the postings!  (I just wish one could click on each character… there are some cool builds!)



16 technology geniuses match wits with 16 math and science brainiacs for the title of “Greatest Geek“!  Bill Gates (!) and Albert Einstein are the top seeds.
Once again, the Consumerist holds their Worst Company in America tournament, featuring the return of last year’s winner, EA!  They had a strong showing this year, especially after bumbling the much-anticipated launch of SimCity!  Will they make it to the final?  Facebook has many “dis-likes”, but at least their social networking system works!
Unlike EA, it’s quite easy to access Consumerist’s website, so vote early!
Which retailer do you patronize?  Dappered.com lists Banana Republic and J. Crew are the top seeds.  (Amazon, 7th?  No Wal-Mart?  Macy’s #4?)

And finally, which style do you prefer?



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