While we’ve been reporting a mini-trend of good news on comics shop openings of late, there is also attrition, as we’ve just learned that Manhattan Comics has closed. Located on 23rd Street, at the former location of Cosmic Comics, the second floor shop had a long history, but on his FB page owner Robert V. Conte posted last night:

As of May 5, 2013, MANHATTAN COMICS has permanently CLOSED!

Please support our former employees, Jonathan Gorga (left) and Michael Novo (right), at their brand-new store:

34 Carmine Street
New York, NY 10014
(646) 656-1022
[email protected]

Jon and Mike have graciously agreed to maintain all pulls, holds, special orders, ComiXology accounts and more. Link on their Comixology page as follows:

Carmine Street Comics will continue the legacy of friendly, informative customer service. They have the full blessing of Manhattan Comics’ Robert V. Conte (center) and he wishes them the best of success!


Conte, an industry veteran as editor, publisher, and writer in a long career, had recently been hospitalized and hadn’t responded to our email for comment on the closure; hopefully it’s not a health issue on his part. He took over the store in 2010 from the Cosmic crew. To be fair, NYC is also a crowded competitive markets for comics shops and real estate prices don’t help matters. We’ll have more when we know it.

Here’s a picture of Conte and his Carmine St Comics proteges Jon and Mike just the other day:

It’s always sad when a store closes, especially one that had been around as long as Manhattan/Cosmic. It was also, as the crow flies, the closest shop to Stately Beat Manor, and we popped in several times over the years. Especially for its well-lit second floor location, it was unique among NYC stores. It will be missed and we wish Robert the best.


  1. I’ve only been there a few times. While it was largely a superhero store, the staff was really nice and helpful. I found a few oddball things there I wouldn’t have found otherwise.

  2. I hope people support the guys from Manhattan who are now at Carmine Street. They are such nice people. Sad to see Cosmic/Manhattan finally go. I think the lease was up this summer and one can only imagine how much that rent would have been jacked up.

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