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SDCC ’19: Marvel Studios teases that Oscar winner Mahershala Ali will play… BLADE!

He'll be in a movie... and that's all we know!

Marvel Studios
At the tale end of Marvel’s Hall H panel on Saturday, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige made a final, last-minute announcement that wasn’t predicated in the news that the MCU will launch 10 projects in the next two years, on the big screen and on Disney+. Feige told a surprised San Diego Comic-Con audience that an upcoming MCU film will star two-time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali… who will play the vampiric vampire hunter BLADE!
That’s about all we know about this surprise announcement. No release date, no director and we don’t even know if the script is already being written, but considering that Ali has already won two Oscars, could a role in a Marvel Studios movie have been that far behind?

Ali was brought out to join the entire roster of Marvel Studios talent who had attended this evening’s Hall H panel, making him part of the MCU’s tradition of gathering their casts together for major announcements and events.

Despite the lack of details about Blade, we can assume the film will come out after 2021, since Thor: Love and Thunder is the last announced film for that year, in November. Feige also revealed a logo for the film, which looks pretty slick.

Marvel Studios
Photo Credit: Hannah Lodge
Photo Credit: Hannah Lodge


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