Media Fafi001
MAC cosmetics, a brand near and dear to The Beat, is collaborating with Parisian grafitti artist FAFI, and the resulting theme has a very comical bent. More art in the link. The limited edition shades goes on sales in February; we’re especially artial to that shimmering fuschia, although it’s so 80s.

Spotted via vinyldolly.


  1. Fafi started out as a graphitti artist and has gravitated more toward the fashion/fine art bent in her career. She has designed bags, interiors, toys, various apparel items (t shirts obviously but other more high-end stuff too). She’s had fashion spreads in Euro mags (both of her designs and of her as a personaltiy–if nothing else, she’s pretty hot in a “virgin suicides” kinda way) and is a big star in her field (which is not technically comics– so far as I know she’s never done any)…Her career is more like that of –let’s say–James Jean or Kozik. But yeah–more proof that comics are taking over.