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MAC and Archie cosmetics line products revealed


In the past cosmetics giant M.A.C. has had great success with a DC-inspired line, and last summer a collaboration with Archie Comics was announced. Well, the product shots are in, and girls, you will look as stunning as Veronica and radiant as Betty in these shades. Put us down for Daddy’s Little Girl lipstick and Double Trouble nail polish! And that tote! Totes to die for!


  1. Welp, looks like I’m going broke in 2013!

    The live models are pretty neat. Bettys vs. Ronnies would make a great Project Runway challenge.

  2. Disgusting. I boycott Archie comics and its products due to their promotion of alternate lifestyles and sexual perversion. You can clearly see it in this ad campaign. They are using comic books and.now make up to.make our young women think it is all right to date and lust after gingers. Blasphemy. Such an unholy desire is an affront to all that is good and I will not sit quietly as the lamestream media supoorts this liberal agenda.

  3. Yeah, there should be a metrosexual line.
    Reggie and Kevin can be the models.

    I’d love to see that glitter as a spot color on a special MAC Archie comic! (Or have someone do a painting with the cosmetics!)

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