Jamie Coville has his usual massive photo dump for TCAF, with over 250 photos of all the great people there. That’s organizer Chris Butcher and Usamaru Furuya above.

Coville also recorded several panels and here they are!

David Boswell Spotlight (38:51, 35.5mb) – 
David Boswell talks about his career and a lot about his most famous creation Reid Fleming: The Worlds Toughest Milkman. Boswell explains how and why he got into doing comics, some of the inspiration behind Reid Fleming, why what was originally supposed to be a one page joke became an ongoing comic. Boswell spoke about the making of the Graphic Novel reprinting the Reid Fleming stories and what went into it. He goes into the new Reid Fleming Graphic Novel that’s currently being created. He also talks about the proposed Reid Fleming movie, the script he wrote and the big name actors that attempted to get it made and more. The panel was moderated by Tom Spurgeon

Telling True Stories (45:55, 42.0mb) – This panel includes a number of non-fiction writers spanning from autobiographical, history to biographies on other people. On it are David Collier, Tory Woolcott, Jim Ottaviani, GB Tran and Zach Worton. The panel was moderated by Greg Means. The group talked about writing about people who are alive and would likely read the work vs. people who are dead and gave reactions that they’ve received from family members to their subjects. They talked about how their behaviour changes when they are regularly doing autobiographic comics, also how they depict themselves in their works. Just about everybody admitted to fictionalizing their work in some manner and went into the how and why of doing that. Researching their topics was also discussed.

The Doug Wright Awards (1:25:50, 78.5mb) – 
The awards were hosted by Don McKellar
Among the presenters are: Erin Karpluk, Mark Medley & Michael Redhill

The ceremony was as follows:
Introduction of nominee’s and sponsor appreciation by Brad Mackay
Pigskin Peters Hat/Award: Spotting Deer by Michael DeForge (Koyama Press)
Best Emerging Talent: Alex Fellows, Spain and Morocco
Seth interviews Giants of the North Hall of Fame inductee David Boswell, who is then inducted by Chester Brown
Best Book: Bigfoot by Pascal Girard (Drawn and Quarterly)
Closing by Brad Mackay

Usamaru Furuya Spotlight (1:03:41, 58.3mb) – 
Manga creator Usamaru Furuya is interviewed by Chris Butcher on this spotlight. Chris starts off by explaining how Furuya’s work was translated to English 10 years ago and it was among the only book that dealt with the Japanese youth culture of the time. Through an interpreter, Furuya answers questions about why he has changed his style from project to project, his breaking the 4th wall in earlier works and letting the readers know what is going on with him as he’s drawing the story, his work on a Japanese Earthquake and how it relates to the catastrophe that had recently occurred in Japan. He also answers questions from the audience about his work and the Internet.