road to the Island

It’s the Hurley and Miles buddy picture. More after the jump.

09:01 – Where there was a number on that rabbit?

09:02 – Tommy Lasorda~!

09:04 – Circle of Trust.

09:05 – Black Ops Dharmas?

09:05 – Well we know that it’s not Faraday in the body bag, as had been speculated.

09:10 – Punk Miles

09:13 – Secret garlic mayo.

09:15 – A STAR TREK commercial during Lost? Shocking.

09:19 – Geronimo Jackson on the radio?

09:22 – Naomi!

09:25 – He’s going to be okay, if by okay, you mean “crazy psychotic cult leader.”

09:26 – Captain and Tennille!~!

09:27 – Polar bear turds. Awesome.

09:28 – The show’s worst-kept secret/most popular theory is indeed true.

09:34 – $1.6 million.

09:36 – Roger, suspicious creep.

09:39 – Secret Hideout

09:40 – THE NUMBERS~!

09:46 – Hmmm. So “the shadow cult” is the third point of the triangle with Widmore and Ben.

09:49 – Oh no, STAR WARS fanfic. Hurley, you lost so much of our respect.

09:49 – So, what are Hurley’s improvements? Luke not losing his hand?

09:51 – Okay, maybe, this isn’t a “new” Sawyer, after all.

09:59 – “Ewoks suck, dude.”

10:01 – Mystery reveal is … yep. Faraday’s back. And he’s wearing a black jumpsuit.

So, next week is a clip show? Boo.

Posted by Mark Coale


  1. What was the mystery reveal?

    My damn DVR stopped recording just as Miles walked up to his Dad’s house when baby Miles was sitting on his lap!

    Please help!!

  2. Obligatory Clerks quote: “All Jedi had was a bunch of Muppets.”

    Is it weird that the moment Hurley asked how to spell “bounty hunter,” my first thought was “He’s trying to write Star Wars?

  3. “What was the mystery reveal?”

    Some new scientists from Ann Arbor got off the submarine and one of them was Faraday.

  4. “Is it weird that the moment Hurley asked how to spell “bounty hunter,” my first thought was “He’s trying to write Star Wars?“ ”

    Kelson, I had the exact same thought. So either no, it’s not weird or it’s a folie a deux.

  5. Damn you, Hurley!! Ewoks are awesome!!

    Besides Luke loses his hand BEFORE he finds out Vader is his father. I think you need to watch ESB again, Hurley.

  6. Let’s face it…Ewoks do suck. Not as bad as Jar Jar Binks, mind you, but they definitely wallow in suckness.

    And in your heart of hearts, you know that ROBOT CHICKEN sketch of Boba Fett blasting Ewoks to bits and hacking them up with his “Purple Rain” lightsabers would most certainly be all kinds of awesome.

  7. Any episode with lots of Hurley/Miles banter in it is pretty sweet in my books, even if there isn’t much revelation.

    “You’re just jealous because my power’s better than yours”.

    Meanwhile, I think the Statue Shadow Cult people are Dharma folk trying to get back. Ben and Widmore are both Others. I can’t imagine that the Dharma Initiative would let their massive project go without protest.

    Though the continued Dharma food drops after the Purge are a major mystery.

  8. I must have been especially slow last night, because even after seeing the episode’s title on my TiVo I didn’t think Hurley was writing Star Wars. I thought it was going to turn out that Hurley was actually the one to create his beloved show Expose’.

  9. So am I totally going on the wrong track to think that Faraday wearing black is a Star Wars reference? Like he’s Luke coming back as a wiser, more mature guy. They kept us in the dark as to what he was up to, but I’m guessing that he has some answers.

    That’s me saying that without seeing next week’s preview.

    I like that both Hurley and Miles have “super powers.” I imagine them going on cases, teaming up like Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

  10. Great entrance from Faraday! It’s great how characters in LOST often start out nebbish and graduate into full fledged heroes (sometimes to fall again)… And Miles suddenly turned sympathetic. They’re on a roll.

  11. The larger elements unfolding in the background of the this season has led me to this line of thinking where there are only two larger players in the scheme of things, The Others and the DI/Black Swans. The Ben-Widmore tango-latte is just a subcurrent where-in I think B & C just have differing opinions about how they feel the threat should be handled, opinions which boiled over like so much chocolate fondue onto the losties and the Humes.

    Obviously Radinski survives the purge and ends up in the swan, and methinks it falls that way in one fell swoop of Hurlean mishegos. I’m betting he is the original inhabitant of the hatch, who is fast approaching what I have to believe is a Hurley induced “Incident” (which is not going to make Hugo feel too swell I’ll wager), and actually takes half a moment to stop being a dick when he will rush into the thing, take up the chair, and press our soon-to-be-inevitably-yon button.

    My questions is who else is assigned to the hatch with him, and what happens to him before Inman gets there? I’m thinking he doesn’t actually leave the hatch after the incident, staying instead through a series of 540 day rotating partners, which inevitably drives him bonkers.

    But go Crazy-Dan! Woo! Let’s get our physics on.

  12. The minute Hurley asked how to spell, of all things, “bounty hunter” almost everyone in the universe knew a Star Wars reference had to be on its way. Call it nerd fan service. I was sure people were hooting and hollering in their living rooms. It was sort of cool that he wasn’t actually writing fan fic but actually writing the script- trying to change history by making a “better” one which I suppose is the definition of fan fic.

    I’ve found the last few episodes pretty interesting plot wise but also maddening as far as some of the character interactions/responses. I never followed the supposed logic in how Kate and Juliet thought they could cover up their crime. When Ben’s dad asked where his son was it was met with the kind of mild confusion one might have when they’d been told they left their car lights on in the parking lot. Then it also seemed just as weird that when Ben’s dad became suspicious neither Kate nor Jack simply told him that Kate was a motherly sort who liked kids and there aren’t many on the island. Also I found it strange that Ben’s dad wasn’t suspicious about the fact that no one told him his critically injured son was missing but did when Kate came up and shared a beer with him.