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Lost: The List of Jacob’s Messenger


Well, Lindelof and Cuse had teased a return of the numbers. And well…., let’s discuss it after the jump.

So, it appears some of the survivors are a bit more special than the rest. Jack (or might that be Christian or even Claire), Hurley, Sayid, Locke, Kwan (which one?) and Sawyer are one of Jacob’s very special lists. And it appears MIB has been playing Evil Santa and crossing off names (for quite a while it seems).

Did Sawyer make the right choice? We’d say no, but time will tell. And MIB is certainly a silver-tongued devil, convincing people that Jacob is really the bad guy in this scenario.

On to the running diary…

9:01 – sad locke.
9:02 – Locke's van breaking was so amazingly predictable
9:03 – “lost luggage” - ha.
9:04- smoke monster POV shot? Ode to Sam Raimi?
9:11 – so even MIB sees visions?
9:12 – Could Jacob also be a sort of phoenix?
9:13 – Full on heel Sawyer could be awesome
9:22 – Nice to see Hugo isn’t a huge douche in the flash sideways.
9:24 – is that Zack (of Zack and Emma fame)?
9:30 – ROSE~!
9:32 – “a little after my time.”
9:33 – The return of George and Lenny. No rabbits around this time.
9:40 – Not the world’s best eulogy by Ben. But what would you expect?
9:49 – Jacob is the king of all list-making. He could work for <i>EW</i>.
9:53 – Ben. A history teacher.  Not all that surprising.
9:56  - A list and the numbers. No number for Kate?
9:59 – That was the probably not the wisest choice.


  1. As far as Swayer’s choice….remember….he is a hell of a con man. Maybe more of a match for the MIB than MIB thinks.

    The Ben Linus scenes stole the show.

    Beau Smith
    The Flying Fist Ranch

  2. Agreed. An excellent episode. Sawyer’s decision to koin MIB is certainly a con. He saw “little Jacob” in the jungle, which MIB denied was there, right after Richard tried to warn him. Sawyer has not suddenly become stupid. But his grief state has probably made him angrier than ever with the island and willing to risk his own neck to save his friends. (As he has been many times before; the hostage situation on the beach comes to mind.)
    I was aware of the “Lost Experience” scavenger hunt thing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lost_Experience) but never tried to seek out the various clues and segments. But I did come across this video (apparently assembled from several parts) which explains at length the meaning of the numbers. Damon Lindelof has confirmed this is all canonical: http://lost-and-gone-forever.blogspot.com/2006/09/numbers-finally-explained.html

  3. Now we’ve only seen three episodes so far, but could “Lost’s” final season be following season one with it’s episode lineup?

    Season One: Two-part opening episode “The Pilot”
    Season Six: Two-part opening episode “LA X”

    Season One: 2nd Episode, Kate episode “Tabula Rasa”
    Season Six: 2nd Episode, Kate episode “What Kate Does”

    Season One: 3rd Episode, Locke episode “Walkabout”
    Season Six: 3rd Episode, Locke episode “The Substitute”

    If this pattern continues, next week’s episode, “Lighthouse” should be a Jack episode.

  4. Oooooh— a “mythology” episode! Good thing, since this is the final season…

    And I’m finding it hard to accept these last couple of episodes re-purposing of the Others: so these 1st season
    flaming arrows, child-kidnapping and creepy assaulters of the 815ers in the 1st season are the Good guys??

    Alright, so they follow Jacob and live in a Temple with a real-cool swimming pool— but either the series’ initial Black vs. White conception of “Good” and “Evil”
    has changed over the last couple of season to the less-Manichean greyscale tones on either side…

    Or that later writers just changed was originally set out in those first episodes to fit in with the plot demands of the later ones— see, LOST is just like a comicbook afterall!

  5. Well, word on the street, and by street I mean Internet Lane, is that the ending has been there all along. Cuse and Lindelof knew what when where why and who way back when and the chickens dey all comin’ a home to roost (and I grew up on a farm so I’m allowed to talk like that, so skiddy-wampus).

    Stunning, awesome, crazy episode. The only episodes I expect will be able to compete are Sawyer or Ben’s. And Terry Quinn might have just gotten himself another Emmy nod there.

    I think Sawyer is definitely pulling a con. It will be awesome for him to get all “New Sheriff in Town” on MIB/Flocke/Smokey.

    Smokey-Vision – that was kick-ass.

    When I saw the little Toe-headed monster what scarred Smokey, I thought Aaron. Anyone? Anyone? We still have to come back around on why Walt and his awesome psycho-powers were so awesome, and I think an adolescent up psycho-power Aaron allows them to bring in the beefy 16 yr-old young adult Walt has become by now. I am sticking by this theory despite there being no evidence to support it.

  6. I keep hoping Walt was on flight 815.

    By the way, if Ben is alive in the Flash sideways, this couldn’t be a reboot starting from the hydrogen bomb blast, right? He was on the island at that time.

  7. Great episode. And Sawyer is definitely pulling a con… wouldn’t it be something if the guy who started out caring for no one other than himself ends his arc being the guardian of the whole island?

  8. This is an entirely different reality, “another life bruthah” or an “LA X” as it were.. Ben’s presence does seal the deal on that, but also Locke’s demeanor, his possible good relationship to his father, Hurley’s attitude toward his success, all point to significant changes pre-island in these people’s lives.

    Another big one tip off I think, but which I haven’t been able to verify, is the fact that Claire has a family waiting for her. In the original chronology, I don’t think the psychic who got Claire on the plane ever had a family lined up. He knew what would happen to the flight and never had to worry about afterwards.

  9. Speaking of The Numbers and with MLB pitchers and catchers now reporting to spring training, I am reminded of my favorite theory of The Numbers, namely that the correspond to retired Jersey numbers of various New York Yankees:


  10. The show will contradict itself in many ways. They just opened too many cans and they keep doing it on every episode. If they can surprise us as they have been all along, they’ll going to keep making us imagine Smokey is evil and then, -bang- he was the good guy.

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