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LOST: Romeo and Juliet


Juliet’s romantic history is not to the only Shakespeare connection in this week’s episode. More after the jump.

There’s also The Tempest station.

Meanwhile, it’s still all about Ben, or we could call him this week, Iago.

Who else was expecting some kind of “magnetic” gag involving the horseshoes?

And it appears that next week we will finally see the reveal of this season’s worst-kept secret.

Posted by Mark Coale

  1. The secret is who Ben’s agent on the boat is. But when you put the actor’s name in the credits, it gives away the secret….

    Jack actually looks bony compared to what he looked like in the first season. It’s startling how much weight he has lost.

  2. I saw someone point out today how much Juliet looks like Ben’s mother (who, in a bit of creepy casting, is played by Michael Emerson’s wife).

  3. Forget what you’ve heard!

    Ben has been popping on and off of the island through the timestream, creating divergent timelines and temporal doppelgangers of himself — and now the time police are after him! All that cash and the multiple passports? Just scratching the surface. The multiple bens are all over the place including Ben’s man on the boat.

    Also, Ben dupes are the key ingredient for all of the DHARMA products. Soylent Ben is people!

  4. Ben is not Prospero.

    Ben is Caliban. CaliBEN. – A jealous monster who call the isle home, and has some mother issues. Alex is not his daughter, he merely claims possession of her – just like Caliban did to Miranda.

    Alex, however, is not Miranda, if she were her love interest would be someone from Hanso or Widmore.

    The smoke monster is Ariel. A creature formed of the ether.

    There, all answered.

    Go watch Dexter now.

  5. Dexter is the best show on tv.

    Pure Genius.

    Good lost info. I didn’t catch a lot of that and I’m sure others didn’t either. Wish they would put more stuff in the prior week captions.

    Great show but cliff notes might be helpful!

    ; )

  6. Episode 8 (March 20) is Michael’s flashback episode, covering (reportedly) what happened between the last time we saw him and his appearance on the freighter.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Walt was snatched again, this time by Widmore or Hanso folks.

  7. So they’ve touched on Shakespeare. Will Schwartz be alluded to, as well?
    quite interesting, the various castaway stories in fiction. Robinson Crusoe, Lord Of The Flies, Tempest. And then there is the larger theme of Returning To Civilization/Searching For Paradise, such as Logan’s Run, The Poseidon Adventure, Man Without A Country, and Lost In Space/Battlestar Galactica/Star Trek Voyager.
    And ANOTHER time traveller on a popculture tv show? I’m sure someone’s writing a Lost/Heroes fanfict story using that idea…

  8. Michael *is* Ben’s man on the boat. I was starting to think it might be Ben himself. But reportedly Michael was “sent on a mission by Ben.”
    And yeah, putting Harold P’s name in the freakin’ credits all season pretty much blew that big reveal from day one. Not the first time this show has done that, either. Do they think no one reads those credits?

  9. On the LOST podcast, they talked about the whys and wherefores of names in the credits and basically said there was nothing they could do about it.

  10. > If it’s Michael on the boat then where is Walt?

    Just like Paul McCartney, I think Walt is dead. Ghost of Walt on the island?

    How great was it when Ben said he’d see them all for dinner? He looked so happy. That guy has Locke on a string. Uh, Locke? Ben tried to kill you.

  11. Perhaps Locke’s man on the boat is Jack’s father?? Is he also in the credits?

    gianco, that theory has holes (although it’s very interesting, and probably has some truth to it).

    It says when Naomi parachuted in, she was parachuting from 2007, when all of the lost plane survivors came in at 2004. Well, we saw last episode that the freighter that Naomi came from was also from 2004 (Penny/Des said they’d talk to each other in 2004 because Des saw the 2004 calendar on the freighter before his mind went back in time to confront Penny). Although perhaps the freighter is TRYING to look like it’s from 2004…. Very likely possibility, since the freighter people know that the lost crash survivors would be unaware of the time differences (and why faraday would test exactly what the time difference is).

    Also, Desmond couldn’t see into the future until after Locke and he blew up the hatch. It remains unseen if he can see into the future now that he’s left the island.

    If the lost plane survivors went back to 1988 copies of themselves, then why didn’t everyone look younger? Walt wouldn’t even have been born…

    man, Lost is a great show. I’ve been watching Dexter recently, and I have to say that it’s not half as cool. Dexter’s not a bad show, but Lost is so ambitious and amazing.

  12. well, notice that penny never confirms anything in their conversation about the time, or that she was expecting him to call at that day or something. a theory has it that desmond is just schizophrenic and the magnetic storms surrounding the island spins the mental imbalances of people and desmond is just experiencing his past self in a distorted manner, recalling the number penny gave him just that moment, etc.

    i think it was said that desmond and penelope never met after he joined the military..

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