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Looks like they might be casting for Luke Cage after all


A recent interview with TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN PART 1 and Dexter scripter Melissa Rosenberg got an update on her development of the Marvel comic Alias as as TV show called AKA Jessica Jones — and yes Luke Cage will be included:

“Luke Cage is in there. Absolutely, I love that character,” she confirmed. I followed up and asked if she thought Jones and Cage’s child, Danielle, could eventually be introduced in the series. “That would be way down the road,” she answered. “When you give your superheroes babies it gets very complicated. I went through that on Dexter, although it gives you some new interesting storytelling.”

This news has surely quickened the pulses of actors including Isaiah Mustafa, Tyrese Gibson and Idris Elba who has all publicly lobbied HARD to play the role of the character who is, let’s face it, somehow the coolest African-American superhero despite saying things like “Sweet Christmas!”

While we can’t see Elba or current musical sensation Gibson going to a TV role at this time, the comics-loving Mustafa might be perfect for the role. [Via The Mary Sue

  1. Why can’t you see Idris Elba in a tv series? He’s in one now on the bbc after all.

    And he’s cool BECAUSE of sweet Christmas not in spite of.

  2. Classically, at least, Cage didn’t say “Sweet Christmas!”

    He said “Sweet sister!” and “Christmas!”, but they were separate expostulations.

    It was after my time on the character that people began to combine it into one thing.

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