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LongBox video preview


LongBox Digital – Pre-Beta Screencast from Rantz Hoseley on Vimeo.

  1. “Is that what CDisplay and .cbr. mean? ”

    No, CDisplay is the software of choice for downloaders – .cbr (and it’s friend .cbz) are the formats of choice for pirates and downloaders. No fuss, no muss, things just work.

  2. So this will be a reader where you can read your pirated comics for free, or read a comic you bought who’s identical to the comic you got for free. And this is going to work?

  3. @Olivier E. – Well, you can use iTunes to listen to your pirated music, or buy music that is identical to the music you can get for free. And it “works”.

  4. I haveto say, this does look cool. But I am worried about the economics of it all. Being the stated low prices they indicated, unless that was just for this ‘Screencast’?

    And Ideally, we’d all have those computer monitors which can switch to vertical mode, so I wonder if those would work with this program, and those would seem to fit the ideal, real world comic book size appropriately on a computer screen.

    But other than that, hopefully, this takes off and comic book publishers and creators can make more money making comics from this! :)

  5. I wonder if Longbox is going to be available worldwide or only US…

    I think Longbox will be good for middle range indie publishers, since the big 2 will not use it (that’s almost a given) and Longbox doesn’t accept selfpublished or not yet published books as far as I know. So those guys (Image, Boom, Devil’s Due, Dynamite, etc.) could be very happy to not have to deal with the direct market to reach their readers. That’s a small range of books but probably enough to make it profitable for everybody, including the readers.

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