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Lo, there shall come a Bombur


We haven’t been covering the Hobbit movie drama because it was just too….dramatic. Despite everyone being a total wanker and trying to prevent a Hobbit movie from actually being made, it seems that Peter Jackson & Co. are set to start filming two films back to back in February… Somewhere. A dispute involving the New Zealand acting union was quickly resolved when Jackson threatened to move the production — however, the studio was so pissed off that they might still move the two Hobbit films to a more hospitable location. Common sense would say “You’ve already GOT Hobbiton and Rivendell in New Zealand” but…we shall see.

Meanwhile, casting is moving right along! Let’s see who we have here.

As long foretold Martin Freeman, that guy from the UK Office. is a lock for Bilbo. Hard to see a flaw with that. And here’s some more casting:

Thorin Oakenshield: Richard Armitage (MI-5 and Captain America: The First Avenger, Guy of Gisborne)

Kili: Aidan Turner (Being Human)

…wow these Dwarves are smokin’ hot…

Fili: Rob Kazinsky (EastEnders)

…Wait a minute now. Arda to Peter Jackson! These are DWARVES we’re talking about, Khazâd…not dewy-eyed ELVES, tall and fair. Did you READ the Hobbit? Casting all these dreamy British vampires is definitely going against type. Also, not to be too spoilerish but…wow, this is going to be one sad ending!

Dwalin: Graham McTavish (Secretariat)

…Okay these are the older dwarves.

Oín: John Callen (Power Rangers Jungle Fury)

…Perhaps this qualifies as a career break for Mr. Callen.

Gloín: Peter Hambleton (The Strip)

Bombur: Stephen Hunter (All Saints)

…readers of the book will recall that Bombur was the dwarf most in need of Jenny Craig.

Dori: Mark Hadlow (King Kong)

By our count we’re still missing Balin, Bifor, Bofur, Nori and Ori. According to Deadline, Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis are expected to return as Gandalf and Gollum, and James Nesbitt, David Tennant, Stephen Fry, Saoirse Ronan (is there actually a female speaking part in the movie?) and Bill Nighy are all in various degrees of negotiations. And persistent rumors say that Sylvester McCoy, a former Dr Who, will play Radagast the Brown.

You know that we here at Stately Beat Manor have only one horse in this race and it is Radagast. Denied our Prince Imrahil, we have one more chance for our Favorite Obscure Tolkien Character to get screen immortality. So say it with us: Rad-a-gast! Rad-a-gast! No sleep till Dol Amroth!


  1. Well Fran Walsh let slip that the production could move to the UK as the recently vacated Harry Potter sets could be used. Yay for the British Film industry, but I won’t be seeing the film(s).

  2. I would assume that as there are three male secondary characters — Thranduil, Beorn, Bard — that Nesbitt and Tennant would be playing two of them, right?

  3. Anything on Hugo Weaving as Elrond? Word was he was in when Del Toro was trying to get things rolling, but I haven’t seen anything recent.

  4. “I would assume that as there are three male secondary characters — Thranduil, Beorn, Bard — that Nesbitt and Tennant would be playing two of them, right?”

    Rumor has it that Nesbitt is Bofur, but we shall see.

  5. I am going to be upset if Brian Blessed doesn’t end up with at least one dwarf role. Maybe Dain of the Iron Hills.

    But otherwise, I am terrifically pleased by this news, knowing how much the filmmakers were desiring to please me with these choices.

    Freeman is a great choice, and along with Nighy (should that come to pass), means the womenfolk can be tricked into seeing this by telling them a lot of the cast of Love Actually is in this.

    Which makes me think – Liam Neeson as Beorn? Could that happen, because that would be awesome.

  6. I guess Nesbitt could play a dwarf, but I thought his CV slightly higher profile than one of that crew. Who knows? It’s a mystery. The casting can actually go a lot of different directions. I guess Bill Nighy could play one of two or three roles but he’s not in the Hobbit in my head, that’s for sure. And I love me some Bill Nighy.

  7. I’m with Colleen: I absolutely do not want to see a repeat of Mirkwood’s King looking as if he’s been pickled in brine. Kickass Thranduil, please, Mr. Jackson.

  8. Ladies, ladies, with a Fili and Kili who looks like they just stepped out of an x-rated Jane Austen novel (aka, Eastenders) I HOPE we have no fear for the Elves of Mirkwood.


  9. It’ll take A LOT for Freeman and Armitage to erase the memory of Orson Bean and Hans Conreid in those roles… much more overcome them to be the DEFINITIVE take on the characters.

    (Although have to admit McKellan’s sidling up nicely to John Huston.)

    Will there be Songs in Jackson’s version(s)??

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