André Franquin’s Marsupilami is a very popular character in the Franco-Comics belt. Marsu is a funny cat monkey with a long tail who lives in the jungle. Cat monkey. Sold. He’s also known for his funny cry of “Houba!” which is what cat monkeys say instead of “Wooah!”

Marsupilami briefly came to America via Disney in the early 90s. (Fun fact: I once prepared a treatment on the character for Michael Lynton.) Those were animated.

But there is a new French LIVE ACTION Marsupilami movie which is promoted at this site. The site does not allow you to embed the trailer or download any of the art. Luckily, with command-u all things are possible.


Yikes. It is possible that this is the French version of the Garfield movie.

Via Cartoon Brew, with dirt on the Disney version in the comments.


  1. I loved that cartoon :)! The noir detective he hung around with great.

    And looking at the poster, do I see The Great Khali in it…..check cast, yes he is. Wow. Wonder if it’s a speaking part.

  2. Review (en français) here:

    It seems a light-hearted comedy.

    In IMAX! Including Disneyland Paris!

    Alain Chabat starred in “Astérix & Obélix: Mission Cléopâtre”, where he played Julius Caesar. (Opposite Monica Bellucci playing Elizabeth Taylor playing Cleopatra.)

    Por quois the English poster?

  3. I loved Marsupalami as much as anyone back when I was young and the world was my oyster, but can this movie possibly look any worse? What’s with the boom-shaka-laka dancing “island” girls at the bottom?

  4. Spirou and Fantasio is one of the greatest comic series ever. If you read french, definitely check it out. Or just buy it for Franquin’s incredible art.

    What they could’ve done with a faithful all CG cartoon…

  5. Huge Andre Franquin fan and loved Spirou and Fantasio (or simply ‘Sprint” as it was called in my Norwegian editions). I bought the spin offs featuring Marsupilami solo, too, but that was more for the fact it was Andre Franquin. The trailer doesn’t seem all that different from the series in tone as far as i recall. They did a good job on recreating Marsupilami’s habitat at the end there -and even Marsupalami himself looks pretty alright in this more “realistic” version.

  6. I have a strange feeling that Roger Ebert is going to give this movie a thumbs down. I doubt if he did love the Disney animated version of this character. I love the Disney animated version of Marsupilami. And the best part for the Disney cartoon is. That Marsupilami can now talk. He does not have to only say “HOUBA!” Like he does on the opening theme. And he has a purple gorilla friend named Maurice. Maurice is a silent character though. I remembered when Marsupilami said “Maurice, Snap out of it! Say something!” And then, He mind struck his head remarks “Oh, He can’t talk!” And then went “Uh, How about a burp?” Long lives Raw Toonage.