§ School Library Journal’s Good Comics for Kids presents a list of comics that celebrate cultural diversity, from Dr. WHO to COMANCHE MOON.


§ Rick Veitch wraps up his fascinating Secret Origin Of The Sentry.

§ Simon Jones wraps up some Anime Expo news and has news of a man arrested for photoshopping.

070709 100Bullets-Poster

§ This Brian Azzarello interview reminds us that The 100 Bullets Last Shot party not only celebrates 100 issues of the book but benefits the Hero Alliance. Details here.

§ The comments on this are pretty catty.

§ Todd Allen delves into Wizard World Chicago 2009;s exhibitor list.

§ Headline no one could resist: Potter star POTTED!


  1. BTW, Tom Brevoort posted an early outline for the SECRET INVASION miniseries. There are a lot of differences from the miniseries as published, including the role of the Sentry:

    NEW YORK- The powerhouse team gets the humans back to earth just in time for the spider-woman Skrull to reveal herself to be the Skrull queen. This was her religion. The earth is hers by divine right. This isn?t good versus bad. This is what her religion believes to be true.

    Iron man senses a massive energy fluctuation.

    The Skrull queen is a suicide bomber. Her last hope. Sentry takes her and launches into space.

    Sentry takes the explosion in the face. It?s massive. An explosion meant to wipe out the human race.

    It massively depowers the sentry.

    Thor catches sentry and saves him.