§ Mike Catron writes to tell us that the Grand Comics Database has completed indexing of all 800+ issues of ACTION COMICS:

With the approval of issue #709 today, Action Comics (including Action Comics Weekly) has been completely indexed here at the GCD. That’s 871 unique issues (869 plus 0 and 1000000, not to mention one DM and one 3D alternate). I believe that’s the most continuous issues we have indexed for one (virtual) title, at least for a US title.

Action joins Batman as titles continuously published dating back to 1940 that have been completely indexed.

§ Who is “Hot Shot Hamish”?

§ Todd Allen finds empirical proof of the death of print:

I have seen the death of printed newspapers and magazines.

It all started with a full bladder. Seeking relief I headed towards the men’s room. As I approached it, I noticed the odd sight of a gentleman ahead of me approaching the same chamber with a laptop in his hands, screen up.

Entering right behind him, I saw him make a beeline for a stall. I noted that this particular men’s room had an empty magazine rack and wondered if the fellow had a wireless Internet connection on the laptop as I broke off in the other direction for the urinals

§ ONE LAST MINX LINK. Clearly the life and death of the Minx line has become the defining moment for our generation:

The world is vast, and I am the center of it. This is the point of view of many (though not all) Young Adult protagonists. Not in a particularly self-aware sense, but in a social and emotional development sense. YA protagonists are incredibly self-absorbed, reaching for the first time in their lives for true depth, for understanding, for a place in a world so much larger than themselves. This is one of the key journeys of adolescence.

The Minx titles each begin with a girl who has just suffered a change in circumstance. This external change is the mirror and catalyst of the internal change that needs to occur. Actual teenagers are a blend of sociopathically self-centered and profoundly altruistic. The protagonists in Minx — particularly in Confessions of a Blabbermouth, Kimmie66, and The Plain Janes — are jerked out of insular comfort by events that force them to recognize that they are connected to others in ways they did not intend or understand.


  1. “I have seen the death of printed newspapers and magazines.”

    Not quite yet, once ebook readers jump a couple of generations (and at the same time fall in price) then yes…

  2. That “Hot Shot Hamish” is interesting. As far away removed as I am–physically and in my way of life–from dim-witted Scottish shepherd ball stars, I have to wonder if the feature is really *saying* that people like Hamish exist or are in any way typical of the Hebrides, or if it’s just a “wouldn’t it be wacky if there was this guy who…” sort of thing.
    It makes me wonder where the outrage is over Snuffy Smith. Those people don’t even DRESS like real rednecks.