§ Don McPherson’s Eye on Comics review site posts his 2006 Glass Eye Awards. Interesting picks, like GRAY HORSES for best OGN.

§The Dove: The Evolution Of Beauty has been making the rounds showing how makeup, lighting and a hell of a lot of Photoshop can make an ordinary woman a teeny glamour gal. According to the above story, the model is a cartoonist named Stephanie Betts. We couldn’t find ay online reference to her work, but what the hell.

Betts, a cartoonist, not a professional model, was reluctant to pose. But after seeing the great distortion, going from Stephanie to super glamour girl, she’s proud she joined the campaign.

Betts says, “It’s a powerful message that sends young girls to not believe everything they see. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a size 1, because the models were popular. Now it’s sickly images of beauty. We need to change that and this campaign will help.”

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