Just a few things we meant to write about:


§ Do you know what product this superhero endorses? Colleen Doran does.

§ Rick Geary’s career provides a model for the cartoonist — from the underground to the New York Times to his own series of much praised books. Now, here’s a video interview with the man himself.

Artist Rick Geary Describes Starting Out in Comics from The Comic Archive on Vimeo.


Timelapse of Rick Geary Drawing a Portrait of Louise Brooks from The Comic Archive on Vimeo.

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§ The shameful treatment that ESSEX COUNTY received in the Canada Reads contest continues to reverberate. Here’s a roundtable wih Chris Butcher, Jeet Heer, and Darwyn Cooke defending the comcis medium from this kind of snobbish dismissal. Seriously, would YOU want to argue against this three gentlemen?

Jeet: What made the Canada Reads discussion so dismaying though was that most of the jurors didn’t go after the book for its flaws or take sufficient note of its virtues; instead they preferred to dismiss it outright as a graphic novel. I’m wondering if part of the problem isn’t the format of Canada Reads itself. Based on Survivor, the show is competitive and adversarial, so there is a strong incentive to go after other people’s books by any means necessary fair or foul. Frequently on the show, any book that is a little out of the ordinary – not just a graphic novel but poetry or short stories – gets attacked for not being a regular novel.