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Liefeld and Busiek both optimistic about film chances today — CORRECTED


Looks like it’s the day for hopeful tweeting about comics movies!

Earlier today Kurt Busiek tweeted:

Just had a conference on the ASTRO CITY movie story. It was astonishingly positive and supportive; some really cool ideas are in the works.

The Astro City movie deal was announced at Comic-ccon — Working Title is producing, and Busiek himself is doing the adaptation.

Rob Liefeld was also sanguine about the Deadpool movie today, despite all the talk about how Ryan Reynolds can’t be Green Lantern AND Deadpool. He wrote:

Woke up this a.m. to GREAT Deadpool movie news! Full steam ahead baby…

Liefeld is Deadpool’s baby-daddy from way back in the X-Force days and very involved in talking up the film.


  1. Uh, no. Working Title Films (not “Working Deal”) is the company we’re working with, and Jonathan (not Jonathon) Alpers is one of my co-executive producers. At least at this early stage, I’m the one doing the adaptation.

    It really was a very invigorating and positive meeting, though. Some of the stuff we talked about, Astro City fans would be in heaven over, and so would I. But there’s a long long road between here and any multiplex…

  2. “Rob Liefeld got Deadpool pregnant?”

    Didn’t you know that he fathered most of the Marvel Universe and all of the Image Universe? He’s also been seen feeling up the DC Universe in dark alleys when he gets the chance.

  3. Finally started reading Astro City and this is great news, how comic adaptations are going, especially indie (not the business they’re doing, but the quality) I think Astro City could be something pretty special on screen.

    Of course an R Irredeemable flick would probably blow movie goers minds.

  4. “Who’s your daddy?”

    And just what is Deadpool doing to Cable to cause that expression?

    As for Astro City… just when the title got back on schedule… oh well… quality over quantity… And the movie will sell the books, which will show people just how awesome The President of the Internet is!

  5. Best of luck to Kurt on the Astro City progress. Knowing he’s doing the adaptation means they’re starting on the right foot.

    Although I’m excited about an Astro City movie, I always believed AC would also be great as an ongoing, like something on HBO or SHO.

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