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Library Con! Pictures!


The following is a gallery of photos I took this weekend in Vegas, while attending the annual conference of the American Library Association.

Mostly, it’s covers of books, to remind me of titles to investigate further.

Taken from my cellphone, so please ignore the quality.


  1. I’ve read the War Brothers graphic novel, it’s great! I also read an advance copy of First Seconds How the World Was and it is a wonderful follow -up to Alan’s War (even though it’s not really a follow – up). Gina, from First Second / MacMillan, showed me the book you have in the photo below How the World Was, Above The Dreamless Dead, and it looks like a must have too!

  2. Sorry… Heidi updated WordPress, and it’s not working too well with my 2006 iBook.

    The New Jim Crow will be adapted into a graphic novel by the same publisher.

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