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Let's Speculate! Marvel's Six New Mystery Titles


By ‘lurking’ Steve Morris

Seeing as they were nice enough to cite their source, I’ll say Newsarama were the scoopers on this. Diamond’s order form for October (yes, nowadays we actually go onto diamond order forms in order to find HOT GOSS) reveal six new Marvel titles will be released, each one more mysterious than the last.

But only because I’ve rearranged the order to make it that way.

Mystery Book 1! A-Babies Vs X-Babies #1

Presumably based on the Skottie Young variant cover for AvX #1, this is a one-shot book. It’s likely Young will be, at the very least, writing the title. Will baby Hepzibah appear? With baby Corsair and his baby Space Moustache.

Mystery Book 2! Ultimate Comics Iron Man #1 (of 4).

A new miniseries for the slightly more drunk version of Iron Man.

Mystery Book 3! Marvel Now Point One #1

Almost certainly something to do with Marcus Johnson/Nick Fury Beta, based on the teaser Marvel released earlier this week.

Mystery Book 4! Minimum Carnage Alpha #1

A one-shot setting up the new Minimum Carnage series, which it appears Scarlet Spider and Venom will tie-into. It’s likely that Zeb Wells will be writing this, and even more likely that the crossover storyline will end with an issue called Minimum Carnage Omega

Mystery Book 5! AvX Consequences #1 (of 5)

As there are five Wednesdays in October, there will be five issues of this ‘Requiem’ style series for AvX. Will Cyclops be dead? Will Captain America get socked in the jaw? Will someone sit moodily by their best friend’s dead body? Will Spider-Man wear black AGAIN?

Mystery Book 6! A Plus X #1

Erm. Something to do with a baby? Who knows. A + X = AX, so maybe it’s about a character who owns an axe.


  1. As BleedingCool believes “Consequences” will be written by Kieron Gillen, I think this will be the book that shows us how everything in AvX makes perfect sense after all, with the right smart explanations.

    And doesn’t Marv Wolfman own “The Man Called A-X”? Weird that he’s being brought into the Marvel U. ;-)

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