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To the list of hardest-working celebs in comics (Rosario Dawson, Milo Ventimiglia) the name Tyrese Gibson must be added. With MAYHEM — co-created by Mike Le and Will Wilson, and artist Tone Rodriguez — coming out from Image in August. As the co-star of the record smashing TRANSFORMERS 2, how did Gibson spend the opening weekend? Why, Twittering endlessly about his new comic. And (although we’re not sure, but probably well before the FOC date) he even came up with a direct-to-the-consumer marketing campaign, urging his 180,000+ followers to call their local comics shops to get them to order more copies of MAYHEM. He even Twittered the shops’ phone numbers. And seemingly, some fans obeyed the call. We don’t have time to reverse the Twitter order, but here’s a sampling:

# It’s STANDARD in the comic book industry to ORDER ONLY 2 or 3 copies I think it’s PURE B.S!! PRE-ORDER 400 and Make your CUSTOMERS aware go!
Joe phone isn’t picking up .. I wonder why..!! To ALL Comic shop Owners and RETAIL this is NO JOKE MAYHEM is a MOVEMENT JOIN IN!!!

Everyone Calling NOW!! @wallstmnymgr he just said no one is calling

This is exactly why YOUR the greatest!! Thank you!! @JQuezBoxing I Just PreOrdered 5 Copies Of MAYHEM In Vegas

@LaurenDayMakeup If a Comic Book store doesnt know wht Mayhem is by now they have living under a rock #Mayhem is going 2 be the BEST COMIC!
@Bartosz1991 How about London? We want MAYHEM!!!!!! LONDON LOVES YOU!!! Plenty of London Comic Shops call Forbidden Planet

All of this in between mourning Michael Jackson, partying with P.Diddy and the other commitments of the busy movie star. It’s certainly a real commitment to his own comic, and, who knows, better advertising than most books get these days. Perhaps a follow-up call to some of those shops is in order to see if the stumping had any effect.

Who knows, maybe Tyrese is the new marketing guru of comics.


  1. “It’s STANDARD in the comic book industry to ORDER ONLY 2 or 3 copies I think it’s PURE B.S!!”

    Well, that’s the truth.


  2. If Tyrese has such confidence in his product, he should offer to sell the issue or issues on a return basis.

    Let him put his money where his mouth is.

  3. Hey Chris — it’s funny how you don’t expect major companies like Marvel and D.C. to step up and offer a return basis program, but yet you ask that of an independent comic creator. We do indeed live in a Bizarro world.

  4. Tyrese’s is phenomenal and MAYHEM will be a smash mark my words!!!!! Go Tyrese you can do it, we support you 10000%!!!

  5. Don’t read comic books but its good to see people venture into new things & redifine it not tryna do it the way its been done freedom of expression is a beautiful thing to have keep grindin mayham GO ham

  6. That’s so awesome that you are venturing out into different avenues… Congrats to you for taking that giant leap. I wish you the best of luck and hope that it does great.

  7. Let this man do what he knows….HE KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING….STOP HATIN!!!! LOVE YOU TY….GOD BLESS IN ALL YOU DO!!!!

  8. MAYHEM is going to be EPIC no one is going to know what hit them on August 5th! Amazing things are going to happen, ppl who have never picked up a comic book in thier life will have to have this one! Tyrese succeeds in EVERything that he does and this is just one more things he will succeed in. Tyrese has changed my life with his positive words and giving heart. EVERYONE should buy at least one copy of this comic if not more and also they should follow him on twitter to experience the way he moves ppl with his words

  9. Let this man do what he knows….HE KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING….STOP HATIN!!!! LOVE YOU TY….GOD BLESS IN ALL YOU DO!!!!

  10. Tyrese, you are unstoppable right now man. It must be your season!! Stay prayerful man and God will continue to bless you!

    ps. I’m not into comics but Im checking this one out!! hahaha

  11. I think its great that he’s adding to his resume of extraordinary accomplishments from a young black man from watts, who started out doing cola commercials…. Its Great

  12. This is a very exciting moment, Tyrese is so all American. This is going to be the hottest thing to hit the comic stores. Better than Schwarzenegger, Spiderman, Ironman, Batman, anyman in the comic indusrty for that matter. My son is going to love this and i believe i will too. There’s a spot in Gtown we go to. Got 2 c if they have it. Were in…:0)

  13. Tyrese has put comic books back on the map.There are thousands of young women with and without children who have found an outlet to both promote the love of reading and provide a black super hero for their children to follow.If one man can have such an insight and dedication to a craft that he believes in why knock him?..Live and let live..Tyrese is just doing him..

  14. Always Great to support someone that is mindful of their fans.
    To change the way the world thinks, we must change the world’s way of thinking.

    People need to be more open minded & give something new a chance!

    Lets Do THIS!

  15. Why are people calling it standard, is it because its, “Tyrese Gibson’s Comic” It drives me crazy how quick we are to put negative jugdement on things because it is not who we are used to. My sons are excited about be able to read this comic.

    Can a man have a chance . To Tyrese remember, “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him” — D. Brinkley

    Start building

  16. well people i love how people love to hate before they get the content so let us wait n see what mr. gibson has in store for us then lets make our non constructive comments if needed…so when mayhem drop go grab a copy i know i am

  17. Tyrese is an awesome and blessed individual. He stands behind his work and takes his fans along for the ride. He’ll accomplish is goal and more. Btw, Tyrese also supports the troops! which is a huge PLUS.

    Be Blessed

  18. What I am going to Need for yall 2 do is get a pre-order of Mayhem for my buddy Tyrese. He will be successful. God is at the front of this.

  19. Tyrese is doing a great job and I commend him for his hard work. I believe in Mayhem because of the energy that is project. Tyrese has given quality music and movies. I wouldn’t expect anything less. He has certified his work ethics that I don’t question what will become of Mayhem. I can’t wait to get my copies to read it.

    In Tyrese voice “Mayhem is going to take over the world.”

  20. MAYHEM is definitely a go! I have read your tweets promoting this comic. Much support! I can’t wait til it comes out.

  21. Tyrese Gibson has bought new light to the comic book industry. Many people who have never or would never read a comic book have now been exposed to comics. I doubt some knew they even existed. I had not picked up a comic book in years, but MAYHEM makes me want to revisit comic books!

  22. I have been following Tyrese’s enthusiasm on Twitter/ YouTube/ MySpace, and it’s completely contagious.
    Besides the fact that it’s really him writing all the tweets about the MAYHEM and Transformers, it’s also awesome to get a REAL peek into his life. He is very very generous, kind, honest, motivational, and sweet…
    And the fact that he’s THE most handsome man PERIOD is undoubtedly part of his marketing success. (hehe)


  23. I’m not even into comics at all…I think they are boring. But I AM INTO TYRESE and will be buying this when it hits the streets. Congratulations Tyrese and keep venturing out into the world of the unknown…always switch it up on em boo…love ya!!

  24. Tyrese is a genius! His charm combined with talent and his creative ambition has afforded this great popularity. Introducing Mayhem is only the beginning of a never ending success story. The sales on the new comic book are outrageous compared to the norm and anyone with some sense of business and enough finances should jump at the opportunity to niche market their product with Mayhem… Tyrese is becoming a household name and Mayhem is practically his last name … Tyrese Mayhem!


  25. Tyrese is so amazing in everything that he does and ,MAYHEM and Transformers is just th etip of it, so my money is on him 100% of the time. Do what you do TY you the man!

  26. I think this is awesome. Keep being a positive role model for the little boys in the hood. I wish you much success.


  28. All things happen for them that believe…If Tyrese believes in his vision(comic) and believes it will be successful, then no matter what anyone has to say, whether negative or positive, it will be successful because he BELIEVES! Make it happen Tyrese, I believe if you believe! You made it this far because you believe!
    I’m ordering your comics for my son now…SMILE!

  29. Let’s give Tyrese the props he deserves. Not many celebs are thinkin comic books. His ideas are original and displays his talent in a variety of ways. I’m looking forward to Mayhem; much love and support to Tyrese. And keep following him on twitter. I am and he speaks some real shit. Love u, Tyrese!



  30. And now we’ve got a demonstration of Ty’s Twittering power:

    Very Important! Post comments! Somebody GO!! http://bit.ly/SSFjk

    I hope he sells a ton of comics — he sure seems to be engaged, and he has a lot of devoted fans. Good luck to him.

  31. I think the comic book is definitely good look! I like the fact that he’s branching off into other fields. why not broaden your career & mind at the same time?!?!

  32. do wat u do don’t listen to haters! i’m sure the comic is gonna be great
    oh yea MJ is in a better place restin in PEACE u feel me mad luv ur girl frankie

  33. This is truly wonderful and brings me to mention the first black comic book
    “Brotherman” Created by a good friend of mine Dawud Anyabwile!!!!
    Great job Tyrese..google Brotherman comics and review the old Arsenio Hall clip introducing Brotherman

  34. I have always loved and been inspired by Tyrese and will support anything he does because God has granted him favor.
    God bless you baby boy

  35. I went to Meltdown Comics in Hollywood and pre-ordered from there. I see pictures of Tyrese at that shop all the time. Hopefully I’ll see him there on day. I guess they are working with him to get the book out there in the world. They have posters of Mayhem on their window. I’m not a comic book reader I’m just a supporter of some fine black suga. God Bless Tyrese and his Tweets.

  36. Hey everyone, thanks for posting and proving that Tyrese’s Twitter street team is totally for real. I’m very impressed — but not surprised.

  37. I’m glad to see that people are so excited about this book, but I doubt that most direct market retailers felt the same. I think we’ll see this fall way below the 10K copy mark. Not hating, just the nature of DM. How many retailers actually ordered this based on the solicit info? And if they did order, I’m sure most did indeed order between 2-3 copies.

  38. i bought three copies of this comic!!!!!!!!!!!! i read one, framed the 2nd one on the wall, and the 3rd one i buried in the yard in the hopes it will grow into a tree that sprouts more mayhem #1s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. I used to only people like Hitler was interested in comics. After reading Mayhem #1 I realize comics are AWESOME. Well, I still hate comics, but Mayhem #1 stands above ALL OTHER COMICS. I have the cover tattooed on my lower back.

  40. I used to only people like Hitler was interested in comics. After reading Mayhem #1 I realize comics are AWESOME. Well, I still hate comics, but Mayhem #1 stands above ALL OTHER COMICS. I have the cover tattooed on my lower back.

  41. I don’t read comics but I’m gone buy it just because Tyrese is promoting… Quit complaining and support Tyrese!!!!

  42. Tyrese is revealing comics toward more minorities in my opinion. I don’t know many people who read or enjoy comics like me. Especially the black and cool ones.

  43. Your talent is AMAZING…i have never been in comic book(accept Archie:) but I am sold ..I will support you on this such as I have done with your movies and music. Stay optimistic..God has given you much favor Ty!! As soon as this hits stores my money is yours!

  44. Cant wait till this hit the stores! You already my money is going there! (better start savin up now) How bout you jus give me a free copy? Cause you know my opinion counts! Lmao jk but i’ll be gettin that fo sho!!! Much Love

  45. Hi Tyrese,

    Can’t wait to see your new flick. When will you be coming out with another album? I told your Aunt Piggy and fam from St. Louis that I would holla>

    Holla back!


  46. The beautiful thing about today is there aint no hatin’ going on. Do your thing man! Hope it is a sucess, but remember to keep God first.

  47. This looks like the kind of work that would naturally be a sub 5k-kind of a book in the national DM marketplace.

    If the book can cross 10K in DM orders (ICv2 reported, that is), then this campaign would be successful, otherwise I just find it kind of annoying.

    I ordered 3 copies of MAYHEM #1. Without the sense that Gibson was behind it, based on the cover and the solicitation blurb alone my “natural” order would have been zero copies.

    I’ve had no calls, or no actual-humans-laying-down-actual-dollars interest on this comic.

    I’d be ECSTATIC if I had to reorder the book if I guessed too low, but at this moment I’m not actually expecting to sell the copies I’ve bought, non-returnable as it is.


  48. I think it is fabulous that Tyrese is marketing his own product. Someone has to take charge and why not him. You Go Boy. I will have to be sure to get my son’s a copy or two……

  49. I have been a die hard fan since his coke commercial! I love your determination! Keep up the excellent job. We need more brothers like you! Let me know if you planning to clone yourself! I want a copy of you if I can’t have the original!!!

  50. Excited for you fams. I’m sure it will be a success because you put God befor everything you do…..No way you can fail. Peace to all your haters cause you stay in their thoughts. Congrats.

  51. It’s obvious some of the trolls responding here are racially mocking Tyrese fans with exaggerated ebonics. That is so ugly and intolerable.


  53. This comic has the name Tyrese Gibson on it which makes it intrinsically sweet and worth 5 stars by itself, but once I read it in public, that’s when the magic happened. After checking to ensure that I could read, I walked from my trailer to Wal-mart with the comic in my hands and was immediately approached by women. The women knew from the comic, I, like Mayhem, am a mysterious loner who knows how to shoot my gat from time to time (if you catch my drift!). The women that approached me wanted to know if I would be their boyfriend and/or give them money for something they called mehth. I told them no, because they didn’t have enough teeth, and frankly a man with a Mayhem comic shouldn’t settle for the first thing that comes to him.

    I arrived at Wal-mart, mounted my courtesy-scooter (walking is such a drag!) sitting side saddle so that the comic would show. While I was browsing tube socks, I could hear aroused asthmatic breathing behind me. I turned around to see a slightly sweaty dream in sweatpants and flip-flops standing there. She told me she liked Tyrese, I told her I wanted to howl at her Gibsons. She offered me a swig from her mountain dew, and I drove my scooter, with her shuffling along side out the door and into the rest of our lives. Thank you Tyrese Gibson’s Mayhem.

  54. The story and action in this comic book is DA BOMB. Forget the fact that it hasn’t been released it and won’t be released until next month. I bought it in six weeks from now and was so BLOWN AWAY I’m now in the past [the present to you guys].

    The book is so great, that I DEMAND that they make it into an ongoing movie franchise. Film 2-3 movies at once. Moreover, it’s so good I think they should get Denzel Washington to play Mayhem!!!

  55. Text to self connection: This is the same Tyrese who showed up on “Blue’s Clues” as the owner of Purple Kangaroo.

    Sorry, it’s the only place I know him from. With three kids, I’ve kinda been living in a cave…

    Carry on!

  56. Tyrese Gibson doesn’t mean anything to me — sorry folks, but I just don’t know his work.

    But that’s the artwork of the mighty, mighty Tone Rodriguez there, so I’m in!

  57. Tyrese has opened up a whole new world for me that I never imagined venturing into! I’m not just excited for him but 4 myself as well. After all its NEVER too late to try NEW things! GO MAYHEM! Take ME away! Love it! Stay up TY!!!!!! Ur changing the game….believe that!

    And for those of u who don’t know know his work or could care less about him…uhm don’t worry you will because he’s RELEVANT and here to stay. This is only his beginning in the Comic Book world that is!!!

  58. He SHOOTS, and He scores again,,,BALLIN!!! lol
    So Proud of u, as usual. Stay focused on Glory. As I know YOU already know. All I can say your Victories are motivational to others. Keep the 3’s coming. Go Lakers!!!!

  59. Well I must say that I really like the idea of this character! I think its fresh and I look forward to seeing it. You are a great actor and wonderful singer. Keep up the good work and don’t let the negative comments keep you from your goals. Remember misery loves company! So don’t entertain those people. ;)

  60. Don’t really do comics, use to as a kid…but I’ve enjoyed your career thus far…and you seem to be the type of person who is bound for success, so I wish you many blessings. I showed my 11 yr old son, who is quite the little artist himself and creates his own comics, the link to your comic and he screamed excitely “Order it, order it, that’s going to be awesome…” so you definitely have his vote…and I guess I’m ordering it…

  61. i have pre-order my copy. i am in full support of a black man doing something positive. i purchased the comic 4 my son. to those that don’t read them personally purchase one 4 ur nephew, son, or someone u know will love comics as a gift.

    if you have pre ordered ur copy reply 2 this message

    keep up the good work Tyrese!

  62. For The Haterz Tyrese is…. Loved by some Hated by many Envied by most YET Wanted by plenty Thanks for doing your job by hating because Tyrese is definitely wanted by plenty especially me :) and remember HATERS If you don’t like Tyrese it MIND over MATTER Tyrese doesn’t MIND and you don’t MATTER Keep doing your thing Tyrese