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LEGO Dimensions gets The Goonies!


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today revealed details around three highly collectible new expansion packs for LEGO Dimensions, the LEGO toy and video game hybrid developed by TT Games. The Goonies Level Pack, the Harry Potter Fun Pack and LEGO City pack allow players to customize their experience by mixing and matching favorite characters and universes with full compatibility. In addition, LEGO Minifigures included within each of these expansion packs come with special golden Toy Tags which unlock a battle arena and free play Adventure World of the corresponding entertainment brand. Think of it as just an extra level for the game you’ll get with these toys.

The Goonies Level Pack includes a complete map of The Goonies gameplay where players can help Sloth and Chunk escape the Fratelli hideout and join the rest of the Goonies on their search for One Eyed Willy’s treasure. Players can use Sloth’s Super Strength to smash through walls or play as Chunk and use his infamous Truffle Shuffle. The rebuildable One-Eyed Willy’s Pirate Ship will sail on water and can also be built into the Fanged Fortune and the Inferno Cannon; while the rebuildable Skeleton Organ has Sonar Smash abilities and can also be built into the Skeleton Jukebox and Skele-Turkey for added game play capabilities.  Sloth provides access to a new The Goonies Battle Arena, and also the Adventure World where players can explore Mikey’s House, Inferno Cove and the Goon Docks. Once the level is complete, players will be able to replay through the game and other levels as any of the seven other Goonies characters to solve additional puzzles and access more collectibles in their journey through the LEGO multiverse.

Players can extend their wizarding adventures in LEGO Dimensions with the Harry Potter Fun Pack which includes a Hermione Granger LEGO Minifigure. She can cast magical spells such as Wingardium Leviosa to levitate objects and Lumos to light up dark places.

She also allows players to unlock the Harry Potter Battle Arena for a competitive match, along with the Adventure World where they can explore locations in Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. Players can build the 3-in-1 rideable Buckbeak the Hippogriff and use its Stomp Attack to smash Silver LEGO bricks, then rebuild it into the Giant Owl and the Fierce Falcon for additional in-game abilities.

For those who haven’t played the LEGO Dimensions video game or haven’t watched your kids do so; you’re missing out one of the most enjoyable junk food experiences in gaming. Yes, I know games are already expensive enough on their own and certainly the mountain of available add-ons for Dimensions doesn’t ease that blow…but look at it! It’s The Goonies! I think it’s good enough for me.

The Goonies, Harry Potter, and LEGO City packs will be available on May 9, 2017. LEGO DIMENSIONS is available for major gaming platforms now.

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