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Lego Batman and Spider-Man Swing Into Toy Fair 2019


Since it first branch out into licensed properties in 1999 with Star Wars, Lego has been acquiring more and more licenses for its sets. Two of its most popular sub-brands are based on the Marvel and DC superhero universes. Lego showed off plenty of superhero sets at Toy Fair this year.

Spider-Man and the Spider-Verse were very well represented at Lego’s Toy Fair booth. Mile Morales, Carnage, Spider-Gwen, Sandman, The Vulture, Green Goblin.

This arachni-bot’s legs move in unison with each other. I spent some hands-on time with it and it is very cool!

The Spider-Buggy returns! This is the Lego toy I never knew I wanted and now completely need!

Perhaps because of his co-starring role in The Lego Movie 2, Batman was also well represented at the toy-makers’s booth.

The Batman sets each feature another hero alongside Batman. Batman teams up with Aquaman in one set, and the Flash in another.

That Bat-Mech looks killer! And check out Firebug’s jet fire and Poison Ivy’s nature-mech!


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