In the white-hot days following the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, a lot of art was planned and some executed. One near legendary project was Frank Miller’s Holy Terror, Batman, which was just what it sounded like…the Batman taking on the terrorists. With Miller’s increasingly right-wing views, it was expected to be a real barn burner.

However, it turned out to be a little too hot for DC– as did the project’s editor Bob Schreck, who left for IDW and now a start-up line at Legendary Pictures. With a main character recast as “The Fixer,” the book is now planned to come out this September, in time for the 10th anniversary of a day most people would rather forget.

The Legendary Comics line has been quietly ramping up for some time — a publishing arm for Legendary Pictures, the powerhouse production company behind the Batman movies, THE HANGOVER, and many more films. Editor Schreck was seen hanging around the Comics Pavillion at BEA with new assistant editor Greg Tumbarello, and the imprint is busy setting up a distribution deal yet to be announced.

There’s a deadly menace somewhere in Empire City and The Fixer only has until dawn to save his town — and civilization as we know it! Legendary Comics presents an all-out, head-busting, bone-breaking, neck-snapping brawl of a tale from the one of the most celebrated storytellers of the medium, Frank Miller. Years in the making, Holy Terror features a desperate and brutal quest of a hero as he is forced to run down an army of murderous zealots in order to stop a crime against humanity.


  1. @Sphinx Magoo: since our culture has this weird thing about 10 year anniversaries, its probably better from a promotional standpoint to time it for 10 years after than somewhere random in between. I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing 9/11-related things left and right come September.

  2. I can think of no better distillation of the complex realities of a global, post-industrial society confronted by international terrorism than a guy in a costume fighting a mummy.

  3. Given that the original idea was to have Batman tracking down Osama bin Laden, this doesn’t even have the power of wish fulfillment driving it anymore.

    It’s at best going to be Marv vs. Al Qaeda, which will be trashily entertaining for a certain segment of the readership, and at worst it will be a silly “topical” Batman story with the serial numbers filed off. But really, 24 and Tom Clancy have, I think, covered the bases on this sort of premise pretty well.

    I wouldn’t really call Miller a hack, exactly, but his work is getting rather predictable of late — as is the outrage directed against it. The OTT silliness is really all the work and the responses to it have going for them anymore.