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SDCC 2012: Legendary Adds a Mark Waid / Max Brooks / Shane Davis Graphic Novel to the Roster


By Todd Allen

You may recall Legendary Entertainment (best known for their film wing which does tiny films like The Hangover and Dark Knight) has a comics wing (Legendary Comics).  Legendary’s first comic was Frank Miller’s Holy Terror.  Their next announced book was by Matt Wagner and Simon Bisley.  Then they announced a couple titles with Paul Pope.  So you get the impression Legendary likes to deal with “name creators.”  That seems to be continuing.

Legendary has just announced a graphic novel in the general area of horror meets military adventure with a line-up of Mark Waid, Max Brooks and Shane Davis.

Waid has really been getting around lately.  You should be reading his Daredevil over at Marvel.  He’s supposed to be announcing something with Top Cow on Saturday.  He’s got his own webcomics imprint.

Max Brooks is still best known for his World War Z novel.  He’s also been doing some work on the G.I. Joe franchise for IDW.

Shane Davis is best known for drawing the Superman: Earth One, which sold very, very well.

So add another project with “name creators” and it sounds like an additional one will be announced later today at their panel.




Trio Joins The Tower Chronicles Creative Team of Matt Wagner and Simon Bisley As Legendary Continues To Expand Its Talent Lineup

Additional Project Announcements From Top Tier Talent Will Be Unveiled At Legendary’s Comics Panel Thursday Afternoon

Burbank, CA – July 12, 2012 – Legendary Comics, the comic division of Legendary Entertainment, is using Comic-Con International 2012 as the venue to unveil the new creators who will be working on projects for the company in 2013. Legendary announced today that Mark Waid (Kingdom ComeDaredevil), Shane Davis (Final Crisis: Rage of the Red LanternsSuperman: Earth One), and Max Brooks (The Zombie Survival Guide,G.I. Joe: Hearts & Minds) will join forces on Shadow Walk, an all-new graphic novel that is set to launch in 2013. At its panel on Thursday afternoon, Legendary will be making another project announcement featuring one of the biggest names in comics.

Also appearing at Comic-Con for Legendary are Matt Wagner (GrendelMage) and Simon Bisley (2000 AD & Lobo) – who are currently working on the division’s first-original IP release of The Tower Chronicles, which hits stores September 28. With a  story co-created by Legendary Entertainment’s Chairman and CEO Thomas Tull, Executive Producer of 300 & The Dark Knight, The Tower Chronicles creates a new mythology on familiar worlds through a unique take on the bounty hunter storyline. Renowned artist Jim Lee created the first cover for The Tower Chronicles. The cover art for the second book of Volume One, which was drawn by an equally acclaimed artist, will also be revealed at the Legendary Comics panel on Thursday at 5 pm in Room 6A.

About Shadow Walk

“As I Walk Through The Valley In The Shadow of Death.”

Is the Shadow of Death a metaphor or could it be a real place? Three separate incidents – in 1914, 1948, and 1968 – in a valley near modern day Iraq seem to give credence to those who believe it is a real place. In each incident, all occurring during a time of war, a group of soldiers disappears and is never heard from again. Satellite photos over the Valley displays images that seem to defy the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Firsthand accounts and video – previously never before having seen the light of day – from all three incidents portray remarkably consistent tales of men being mutilated and god awful shrieking that could only be from a demon or monster.

Now, two weeks ago, another photo taken over the area hints at some kind of new energy source. A small group of Special-Ops soldiers is sent into the Valley with two props – the skull of John the Baptist and a shard from the actual cross on which Jesus was crucified. Led by John Raines, an efficient killer with a strong code of ethics who has been rotting in Guantanamo for allegedly killing his entire platoon when he was dispatched into the Valley six months ago, they head into battle against a whole roster of creatures.  Now they will find out once and for all if the road to Hell has just opened up.

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