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Lady Gaga's nerd-friendly world


If you like Fritz Lang, Giger, Superman, SIN CITY and Bernard Herrmann, you are sure to like this short SF film!

  1. Is it just me, or does this song sound a lot like sections from Madonna’s “Express Yourself” with different lyrics?

  2. Interesting … maybe Elaine Lee and Michael Kaluta should approach her about doing a STARSTRUCK film.

    Nice … but I gave up three minutes into it …

  3. I basically have the same opinion with this as I do with Gaga in general–it’s interesting to look at, but then she has to start singing.

  4. I’m almost convinced that the Bernard Hermann bit is ALSO a Chris Marker bit, since this spoken intro feels (to me, anyway) vaguely like La Jetee, which draws upon Vertigo in its own way.

    Also, I see the influence of early-’70s Funkadelic mythology, or rather the process of Funkadelic mythmaking rather than any specific myth, but maybe that’s just me.

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