§ Must listen! Audio of the Santoro/Panter/Sohn panel at MoCCA.

§ ZDARSKY — THE EVIDENCE FOR: Recently, a wiki-fight broke out on the Wikipedia page of Toronto-based cartoonist Chip Zdarsky, suggesting that he did not exist. While it is technically true that Zdarsky is a pseudonym for natural-born Steven Murray, Zdarsky’s long, antic-filled run on message boards and blogs around the world, as well as frequent sightings and interactions at comic book conventions and karaoke bars would seem to be persuasive evidence that he does, indeed, exist. Laura HudsonChris Sims digs even deeper, into the heart of this wiki storm with “Ten Things Wikipedia Considers More Notable Than Chip Zdarsky”, like…a list of guest appearances on a John Cena rap record. Truly, the ways of the internerd are strange.

§ If you think Marvel is bad now, you may enjoy this stroll down Memory Alley with Hart Fisher. Fisher, a colorful character and the one-time publisher of Boneyard Press, (he was sued for publishing a comic about Jeffrey Dahmer, once accidentally faked his own suicide, and recently carried on a one-sided feud with Gerard Way) got Marvel’s ire by creating a T-shirt with a rather colorful slogan on it. In fact, we still have ours, but we’re way too peaceful these days to ever wear it out.

§ Beth Harnett looks at Smith Magazine’s ‘Next-Door Neighbor,’ anthology.

§ Two-new-books-wielding Kevin Cannon is interviewed at CBR.

§ Signs of the comics takeover: Graphic novels (and songwriting) have been added as topics at a writing seminar.

§ Kai-Ming Cha on Tatsumi and the history of gekiga.

§ Dept. of Follow-up: Has the mystery of the Montauk Monsterbeen solved?


  1. The funny thing is, I actually agree with the Wikipedia editors that feel I’m not notable enough for an entry. I just wanted someone to make stuff up about me and then have it deleted! Now I have a boring, unnecessary entry. Me sad.