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Kristin Bell does Slave Leia


Answer: What is pandering?

(NB: this is a still from the movie FANBOYS, in which some Star Wars nerds travel to Skywalker Ranch to get a copy of PHANTOM MENACE for their dying friend.

Death by Jar Jar?)

  1. It worked on me. I didn’t know why people acted like she was a particularly attractive young lady. It turns out she has a pretty cute figure.

  2. Wait, FANBOYS? They’re finally making that movie? I remember reading about that script on AICN a long time ago (even before the prequels came out) and then nothing came out of it, so I almost thought I had imagined the whole thing. Way to miss the window of hype, though.

  3. I think Kristen looks good … the movie looks stupid.

    I was at PHILCON (in Philadelphia) last month. Some cute girl with a small video-camera was asking stupid questions of people. “I’m making a documentary about sci-fi fandom.” Oh, brother.

    I liked it better when the public at large wasn’t pandering to fans. I kinda wish that someone would shut off the lights and lock the door on the “geek culture,” then roll up the sidewalk.

  4. >>>Wouldn’t “What is pandering?” be the question?

    Unless you’re playing Jeopardy!, in which the answer “must be phrased in the form of a question.”

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