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Home Indies KISS is back…and Platinum’s got them! — updated

KISS is back…and Platinum’s got them! — updated


UPDATE: YOu can see much Kis comickery and order a 12 page preview here at kisscomicsgroup.com.
Via Variety, word that Kiss, the legendary rock band that was made for loving comics, is starting their own comics company through Platinum Studios.

Platinum Studios and Kiss Catalog, the company run by Kiss leaders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, have partnered to create the Kiss Comics Group, which will kick off with a book, “Kiss 4K,” and eventually venture out into platforms such as mobile, online, film, television and licensed merchandise products.

“Kiss 4K,” the story of the transformation of Simmons, Stanley and other Kiss band members from rock stars to world-protecting warrior spirits, will debut as the world’s largest comicbook, priced at $50. It will be the first comicbook-based property to simultaneously launch all of its merchandise in the U.S., France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! The adventures of Kiss will appear in a webcomic at Kisscomicsgroup.com, and KISS GIRLS launches later. It’s about four teenagers who”talk about shopping and are about as dysfunctional as anyone until something happens to them and they get to wear the Kiss makeup and look good doing it.”

Kiss and Platinum will work closely on the line, which launches at this year’s Wizard World LA, with characters from Platinum’s 3,800 character library appearing in the Kiss comics.

Kiss’s comic connection goes all the way back to 1977, when they appeared in a MARVEL SUPER SPECIAL written by Steve Gerber and printed with REAL KISS BLOOD. Since then they’ve appeared in comics from both Todd McFarlane/Image and Dark Horse. Demon and reality TV star Gene Simmons in particular is a long time comics-lover, dating back to teenaged participation in comics fanzines. Simmons quickly learned that playing in a rock band got you more pussy, however, and chose to pursue that career path, although his love of comics and science fiction clearly influenced Kiss’s costumes and staging. He is certainly no dabbler in comics, however, as his returning to them over the years shows.

  1. Wait a minute, playing in a rock band gets you more pussy then creating comics?

    Well, I really zigged where I should’ve zagged.

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