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Kirkman and Liefeld team for THE INFINITE


Besties Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld will team on a new SFish book called THE INFINITE for Kirkman’s Skybound imprint at Image, USA Today reports.

In the future, the world has fallen to a villain who has discovered time travel. A soldier named Bowen goes back to visit his 19-year-old self, Bo, at a turning point in his life and to persuade him and others to help defeat “The Infinite” and prevent impending doom.

“A lot of people in comic books are trying to save the world. Not a lot of them are trying to save the world after having seen it destroyed,” says Kirkman, who is releasing The Infinite on his Image imprint, Skybound.

Adds Liefeld: “It’s a buddy movie with yourself.”

The duo had previously been cooking up some schemes for an aborted Killraven relaunch at Marvel — so perhaps some of the ideas for that post-apocalyptic adventure will find their way to THE INFINITE. Liefeld notes that he’ll be able to draw in his original Image style — news that some in the comments section equate with tiny ankles.

  1. In fairness, this drawing looks like Liefield but improved quite a bit. So good for him.

    Tho, to say that someone-coming-from-the-future-to-save-it is original is,

    P.S. I see he couldn’t resist two pretty sweet pairs of shoulder pads, there.

  2. Check out the headlights on that … guy? (And how about that “pouch”?)

    So, once the Villain discovers his adversaries, he just has to go back in time and kill them, right? Because they’re not wearing masks, so it will be easy to find them. Or jump back a few minutes to before when they arrived to a battle and plant a bomb?

    Of course, if the villain has true time travel, why bother with the 21st Century? Why not pull a Rama Tut? AND THEN have the heroes in the 21st Century realize Everything They Believe is false, and that they must travel backwards, forwards, and sideways in time to restore Earth to what it should have been before Mac Guffin, Temperator arrived in Ancient Egypt?

  3. Look I like Liefeld a lot but he had so much unfinished work. What happened to Youngblood. I though the last volume was very good. It had elements of Extreme Image and the Alan Moore stuff from Awesome but then he took over and it went no where. Plus you add all of the other stuff he solicited or talked about and again it’s either unfinished, 1-2 issues printed, or it never was released.
    Also, Kirkman and Liefeld collaborated before again nothing came from it.

  4. Rob Liefeld creating and drawing a character that goes back in time from the future to get aid in the present in preventing his horrible future from happening and he’s got giant shoulder pads and pouches all over? It’s like it’s 1994 all over again. Holy crap! Time travel is real!!

  5. I’m more concerned by the “pouch” on the “lady”. “Improved” Liefeld only means a “less stinky” crapfest.

    And this is the guy that wants the “Ghost of Jack Kirby” to beat the crap out of Stan Lee.

    I think Jack would make a stop at your house first, Rob, and beat you to puddin’ until you could learn to draw feet.

  6. This looks like fun, and I hope they finish it, or at least finish a few story arcs. It IS improved Liefeld. So far, Kirkman has collaborated with McFarlane to bring out a new McFarlane creation, and now he’s doing the same with Liefeld. Will he do this same thing now with Valentino, Silvestri, and Whilce Portacio.

  7. @Mathew Murray- A Skybound preview of Super Dinosaur has been released over at Comixology, by the same team that did the Wolfman book. I think that book drops in April.

    @Beat- I missed C—–’s spam! Dang it!

  8. Every day of my life is a buddy movie with myself.

    I think maybe I’m just numb to Liefeld, because this honestly doesn’t look that bad to me. Yeah, it’s cliched as hell but aren’t most superhero comics?

  9. Now taking bets on whether this lasts more than an issue..HEY ROB WHAT HAPPENED TO BRIGADE?? Is Jim Lee ghost drawing?

  10. Matthew Jeske: “So far, Kirkman has collaborated with McFarlane to bring out a new McFarlane creation, and now he’s doing the same with Liefeld. Will he do this same thing now with Valentino, Silvestri, and Whilce Portacio.”

    One could argue that he’s already done that with Portacio, given Whilce’s new character Fortress debuted in the Kirkman-written Image United.

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