Kinda tired


Despite all the talk of there being no galleys at BookExpo last week, we still found ourselves dragging big loads of books all over the place. How does that happen? Anyhoo, we’re sort of in recovery today, even whilst girding up for MoCCA Fest later this week. We’re sure to have missed some things we shouldn’t have, so feel free to alert us via the old email link.

Remember to send your MoCCA News if you haven’t already and remember to put MoCCA in the title, because we ARE brain dead.

Not comics: we took time out from BEA shenanigans to check out the last weekend of theJenny Holzer PROTECT PROTECT exhibit at the Whitney and it was amazing. Not that you can actually describe the experience of a room full of 48-foot long LEDs. Like James Turrell, Holzer must be experienced first hand. The show was grimly political with paintings of redacted US government documents revealing all sorts of soul-crushing, violent events from the Iraq War. But there was also great beauty.

Of course, being nerds, we pondered for a moment whether Holzer’s words-as-art has any relationship to comics. Maybe it’s the polar opposite of comics…they resist sequentiality, existing only experientially. Yet, as visually stunning as her installations are, they cannot be fully perceived without the words. Thought provoking, challenging, beautiful, like great art should be.

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