In sad news, it looks Kim Thompson’s estate sale is this weekend in Seattle.  The listing doesn’t specifically say it’s Kim Thompson, but it would be hard to be anyone else with that description.  Click over to the estate sale page for glimpses of some of the art that’s for sale.  It’s a significant collection and it’s always better if art finds an appreciative home.

2 floors of one of the most unique and interesting homes we have done. Over 40 years of living in this house. Homeowners had a comic publishing business, Fantagraphics. (They were the hipsters before that was a word!) Tons of comics and collectibles from this business plus rooms full of books, record albums (60’s through 80’s rock).  Art by Jim Woodring, Peter Bagge and more. Heywood Wakefield MC desk, Danish Modern furniture, jewelry and so much more!! This is one of the most interesting and unusual sales we have done. Here are some of the highlights:

Comic Book Art which includes some of the following: Chuck Jones, Billy Hazelnut, Ernie Colon, Dougan, Fingerman, Sam Henderson, Rich Tomaso, Mary Fleener, Freddie Milton, Frank Thorne, Gene Colan, Kim Deitch and more.

Graphic Novels.

Tons of comics here are some that are featured: Weirdo, Love & Rockets, Prime Cuts, Zap, Eddie Campbell, Neat Stuff, Graphic Story, Reid Fleming, Lloyd Llewelyn, Zippy, Crumb Family, Comic Journal. There are boxes of these.
View full details at EstateSales.NET: https://www.EstateSales.NET/WA/Seattle/98125/1500741

h/t: Derf


  1. I too am a little surprised that Kim Thompson’s collection would be handled via a local estate sale vs. any of the familiar auction houses.

    But it strikes me as churlish to criticize the estate’s decision, especially if one isn’t privy to all the unique considerations that surely factored into their choice.

  2. This was not his entire estate – this was basically a moving sale. There were maybe 20 pieces of original art, a select few graphic novels, and a bunch of floppies that really weren’t worth anything. Most of Kim’s collection is in the Fantagraphics library, and I suspect there is way more original art in his widow’s possession.

    Still, I picked up a really sweet piece of Al Columbia art, and some Jason and Tony Millionaire pages.

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