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Kickstarter Spotlight: Dare2Draw’s New Anthology Needs Your Help to Bring Stories from The Next Generation of Artists to Life


by Chris Hayden

Charles D. Chenet and Simon Fraser have teamed up with former Dark Horse editor Brendan Wright and taken to Kickstarter to bring Dare2Draw’s first anthology series to life.  The series will feature Steve Rude and Mike Baron’s character Nexus as well as showcase up and coming artists from Dare2Draw and the Kubert School as they provide art to stories written by some of the best creators in the comics industry.

Dare2Draw, a community based mentoring non-profit mentoring program, endeavors to help up-and-coming artists develop skills and networking connections that will allow them to take the next steps towards becoming successful comic book artists. The program offers everything from lectures and technical demos to tax lessons for freelancers. Dare2Draw is geared both toward art students looking for additional artist interaction and those who cannot afford the burgeoning increases in the cost of higher education.

The anthology itself is meant to serve as a showcase of sorts for the artists, in addition to giving them experience in what it takes to put a book together. As Brendan Wright puts it, “this is many of the artists’ first time collaborating with a professional writer and colorist, receiving notes from an editor, and having print deadlines, and just having that experience makes a big difference in how an artist approaches their work”. Industry professionals like Alex de Campi (Archie vs Predator) and Ron Marz (Green Lantern, Star Wars), among many others, are providing scripts for the project, ensuring that the artists have the best possible material to work with. Ultimately, Dare2Draw hopes to turn the anthology project into an annual publication with a revolving door of artists. The second anthology plans to make use of the beloved character The Spirit, with others to follow.

The Kickstarter page offers more than its fair share of pledge bonuses to those who support the project. These bonuses come in a variety of packages, with some getting you digital copies, individual issues, original artwork and sketches and even T-shirts. Further up the chain are opportunities like having your personal portfolio reviewed by Dare2Draw mentoring artist Simon Fraser. With bonuses in all price ranges, there are no bad options to be had, and you can rest assured that your support is going toward a fantastic cause.

With connections, professional mentors and no shortage of passion, Dare2Draw is truly something special in the world of comics. The Nexus Anthology is just the beginning of what Dare2Draw hopes to accomplish and will serve as an excellent showcase for rising talent hoping to break into the industry. They hope to reach their goal of $17,541 for the anthology’s printing by July 14. Check out the full Kickstarter page and support the Dare2Draw Anthology featuring Nexus.

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