L 0F67057Cebdf2B47B7F221Cc2297804E-1No it’s not Cartman! It’s MARK MILLAR! It seems that Mark has a new Icon book called Kick-Ass, which John Romita Jr. will draw. And they are promoting it on MySpace, as Mark writes:

The next stage of the Kick-Ass promotion gets moving with the Myspace site going live. As you may recall, Kick-Ass is a limited series by John Romita Jr and I about a real-life superhero and his myspace page will form an integral part of the story. This is where all our promotional material will be appearing, the first of which is available now with an eleven page pencil preview from the first issue. We also get our first glimpses of the character and see the viral cell-phone video featured in last week’s Lying In The Gutters. The PR campaign kicks off in earnest early in the New Year with a major announcement in January and another the week before the first issue launches. This site also offers a chance for other amateur, real-life superheroes to interact with Kick-Ass (or any savvy comic-book creators hoping to promote their work).

Click on http://www.myspace.com/kickass_comic and check back for regular updates. Kick-Ass is a limited superhero series launching from Icon in February 2008.

We’ve blurred out a naughty word in the above poster, but you can see the unexpurgated version at the link. Also a suitably grainy YouTube video which shows some of the events of the comic — the secret word for the day is MULTI MEDIA!

And in yet MORE Mark Millar-related news, it sounds like the WANTED movie is getting a big push from Universal:

Come June 27, Universal Pictures anticipates having a huge blockbuster on its hands with “Wanted” a fantasy-action-thriller with a megastar cast that includes Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman and Terence Stamp. Is that the sort of thing that can be successfully shoehorned onto a 2-inch-by-2-inch cell phone screen? Perhaps yes, perhaps no, but mobile game developer I-Play sure intends to try.

While there will be other versions of the game for various platforms, only the mobile version will be released “practically day-and-date with the movie.” No specific date has been determined, however, because just two weeks ago the movie’s opening was pushed back three months from March 28.